Electric Booty

IT’S ELECTRIC. This workout will SHOCK your legs, in the best way possible : ). We are pairing a plyo exercise with a DB or bodyweight exercise. You’ll complete it in superset fashion — taking a 30 second rest after each set of exercises. Make sure you try your HARDEST not to stop during the 1 minute exercises [Dead Legs, Wall Sit, Mountain Climbers] — yes, it is very challenging… but you can do it! FEEL THE BURN! Good luck! : ) 

Looking for an extra burn? Complete each superset 3X through! 


DB Twist Jumps

DB Goblet Squats

Dead Legs

DB Side Lunges

Ground Runners

Squat Twists

Booty-To-Floor Squats

Lunge Jumps

DB Bench Step Ups

DB Surrender Squats

Hip Raises

Let us know how the workout goes by tagging us on insta — @CHAARG + #inCHAARG!

++ Elisabeth

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