It seems like there is always a new trend to try + today we are talking about a coffee related craze. We’re talking Bulletproof Coffee — a butter [what?!] infused coffee drink that provides brain benefits + smooth taste. Bulletproof Coffee is a latte-like drink that blends coffee + healthy fats for a brain-boosting combo. It is more than just a regular cup of coffee + if you have seen this on the menu at your fave coffee shop, you will notice that it typically costs a bit more too ; )We’ll let you know where Bulletproof came from + how you can make it yourself here!


Bulletproof coffee comes from Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who faced exhaustion + a combination of health problems. He first had a butter-infused drink in Tibet, + went on to find the perfect combination of liquid, butter, + add-ins to create Bulletproof Coffee. From there, people have found a way to make the bulletproof drink their own by adding protein, different liquid healthy fats, + flavors.


Adding healthy fats makes the drink thicker + provides extra benefits for your body. Healthy fats can assist in balancing out hormones, digestion, + overall brain health. A few add-ins that are common in Bulletproof include…

Grass-Fed Butter // Grass-fed butter not only gives Bulletproof Coffee the creamy texture, it also provides antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, + a host of vitamins.

Brain Octane Oil // Brain octane oil comes from coconut oil, however is typically flavorless + colorless. This allows you to receive the benefits of coconut oil without altering the taste of your cup of coffee. Brain octane oil enhances CCK, a hormone that signals your brain you are full. This helps you from overeating, because your body can react to its normal hormones. Brain octane oil provides clean energy, reducing the risk of crashing in the afternoon [like when you have one too many lattes].

Fish Oil // Fish oil is a different oil that some people will add to their Bulletproof Coffee. Fish oil can boost your *good cholesterol* as well as aid in reduce inflammation. Again, fish oil is typically colorless + odorless — allowing you to reap the benefit without a fishy taste.

Others // Other healthy fats + bulletproof add-ins are collagen, ginger, or substitute grass fed butter for ghee. If you’re looking to give your coffee a flavor boost you can add flavored protein, vanilla, or cinnamon [or your favorite flavor ; )].


To make Bulletproof coffee you’ll need 1 cup of coffee [8-12 OZ] + 1-2 tablespoons of [unsalted] grass fed butter//ghee. The *official* recipe calls for Octane Oil, but you can add any kind of extra healthy fat. Many different version will add fish oil, or collagen depending on what they have on hand or just based on preferences. Bulletproof coffee recommends using a french press to brew your coffee, but if that isn’t available, no worries! Make your cup of coffee, add all ingredients into a blender, + blend for about 20-30 seconds, until you have a foamy latte.

It might take a couple of tries to find a balance of ingredients that fit your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to try again with different amounts [2 tbs VS 1 tbs] to find the perfect balance for you.

There are tons of different recipes out there for Bulletproof Coffee. On top of that, there are Bulletproof Milkshakes, Matcha Lattes, ++ endless flavor combinations. You might also find Bulletproof Coffee in your local coffee shop, or pre-made in different stores. We can’t wait to see what combinations you make so we know what to try next. Happy drinking!

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++Virginia Ewen [@notWestVirginia] // Charlotte, NC

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