We are so excited to be implementing our 3rd DEI Council for the 2023-2024 school year! Last year, our DEI Council was fundamental in supporting both National CHAARG + our Chapters through DEI efforts ++ helping shape how CHAARG incorporates DEI into our everyday actions. We also implemented DEI Subcommittees to accomplish more specific tasks, which we’ll be implementing again for the 2023-2024 school year — we’ll have a Social Media, Recruitment + Membership, ++ Education + Leadership Development Subcommittee.

If you’re passionate about DEI, want to help CHAARG continue to grow in our DEI efforts, + want to support our CHAARG Chapters in DEI within their Chapter, you should apply for the DEI Council! Apps are due June 4.


  • Attend DEI meetings + webinars throughout term
  • Participate in council initiatives [see below!]
  • Participate in a council subcommittee
  • Serve as a resource for Chapters + helping support them in their DEI efforts
  • Estimated time commitment: 15 hours/quarter

DEI Meetings + Webinars To Attend

  • Wednesday 6/28 at 730PM CT
  • Wednesday 7/19 at 730PM CT
  • Wednesday 8/9 at 8PM CT (Chapter-wide DEI Webinar)
  • Wednesday 10/18 at 730PM CT
  • Wednesday 1/10 at 730PM CT
  • Wednesday 1/17 at 8PM CT (Chapter-wide DEI Webinar)
  • Wednesday 3/20 at 730PM CT

**Please note: you will have 1 excused absence – if you cannot commit to Wednesday night meetings, please do not apply! If you have a CHAARG event [such as a Weekly Workout], you can be excused from your CHAARG event to be at the DEI Council meetings.

Council Initiatives [2023-2024]

+ DEI social media planning, strategy, + engagement

+ Creating DEI Toolkits for Chapter exec team leaders

+ Updating DEI Training for Exec 

+ Supporting Chapters implementing a DEI Chairperson

+ Assisting in expanding CHAARG to diverse schools

+ Leading 2 DEI Chapter-wide webinars

Why Should You Apply For The DEI Council?

+ You’ll receive a 3 part DEI training course from CHAARG’s DEI Consultant, Mel Munoz that you can include on your resume

+ You’ll gain lifelong communication + problem solving skills within the DEI space

+ You’ll be able to connect + network with other CHAARG Chapters + support them in their DEI efforts

+ You’ll be able to make an impact within the CHAARG community regarding the DEI space

Here’s What Some Previous DEI Council Members Have To Say

QUESTIONS? EMAIL [email protected]!