Little Ways to Re-Decorate your Apartment//Dorm to Feel Like New

Instead of wishing for a HGTV room makeover [I mean, a girl can still dream though…] you can make some tiny changes to have your space feeling fresh + new! Whether you’re in a dorm, apartment, or home, it’s never too late to change things up. Need some help starting? Our favorite places to stop are HomeGoods, Target, IKEA, Hobby Lobby, + of course, Amazon! The best part? You don’t have to wait till Spring for a fresh start!

#1] Add a Rug

Using rugs as accents can brighten up any room, as well as hide [or prevent] stains in the carpet. A 5’ x 7’ is one of the most common sizes for rugs, but most rooms are small enough for a 4’ x 6’ to cover a lot of space. There are SO many different styles, patterns , + colors out there, so have fun picking one out! To avoid feeling overwhelmed with the choices, we recommend deciding on a size + at least one main color to help narrow down your search.

Rugs can get expensive, especially when you go up in size. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you can find a 3’ x 5’ rug + use it as a doormat. This little addition will have you smiling every time you enter the room!

#2] Change Your Sheets//Comforter

Changing your sheets//comforter can make a HUGE difference in your room. Instead of constantly buying a new bedding set, think about switching to duvet covers. To start, you could even keep your current comforter to use as the base//inside layer + then cover it in the duvet cover of your choice!

It’s common to get matching bedding sets with your roommate[s] BUT the truth is they don’t have to be *exactly* the same. My roommate + I decided on two colors we liked [purple + teal] + then we each got different comforters with those colors. Our beds still matched + went with our *theme* but we were able to have our own styles.

#3] Add Some Curtains

If your windows don’t currently have curtain rods,  you can easily put up curtains with tension rods [like this] — no drilling required! Not only is the assembly super easy, but you can take them down without any hassle if you need to move out. You can choose a fun color or pattern to brighten up the room, but you can also get blackout curtains to save energy, cool the room down ++ keep out sunlight when you want to sleep in.

#4] Make a Motivation Board —

Simply get a cork board + then use push-pins to add anything you want. While this requires some DIY skills, the results are super personal + unique! You can use your university prints [sorry post-grads : ( ] to print out funny//inspirational quotes, photos, workouts, mantras — anything you want!

Get creative with your push-pins. While abroad, I collected pins from different places I traveled to + now I use those pins to hang things on my corkboard. There are also SO MANY different colors//patterns for push-pins available online, most of them being pretty inexpensive.

#5] Temporary Wallpaper

Nothing will brighten up a room like a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper! Looking for a non-permanent solution in a dorm or rental? Use peel + stick wallpaper. Not only is it interchangeable so you can update it whenever you want, but it’s super easy to assemble + take off before you move out. Check out peel + stick wallpaper here!

Don’t have any room in the budget for some new additions? Move your furniture! Sometimes something as simple as switching furniture around can give your room a whole new feel to it! Start with anything on display, switch up your desk display or put some new pictures in frames you have. If you feel like you need a BIG change, ask your roommate to switch sides of the room with you — maybe offer to buy them food while you rearrange the furniture ; )

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