Day In The Life Of A CHAARGtern

Thinking back to my first semester of college at the University of Cincinnati I wasn’t sure what I was getting into joining CHAARG. Before the semester has even started I found CHAARG via insta, through a friend who went to The Ohio State University. Being an athlete practically since I could walk, I immediately took the chance to be apart of another *team* of women on my campus who shared a passion for health + fitness because it was familiar to me. Little did I know that almost 4 years later, after 3 different exec positions held at UC + being a Blogi for almost a 1 year that I would be in Chicago interning with an organization that has completely changed my life [cliché, but so honest]. The funny thing is [++ I don’t remember this at all] I emailed Elisabeth my freshman year when searching for summer internships, expressing my interest to intern with CHAARG in Chicago my junior or senior year [this was way before CHAARG even had virtual interns, let alone in person interns]. 3 summers later I am in Chicago, interning with CHAARG just like I said I would – if that’s not fate I’m not sure what you would call it. If you too are interested in what it’s like behind the scenes, read on to take a peek inside a day in my life as a CHAARGtern in Chicago!

5:30 AM Hit snooze for 15 minutes [sometimes 30 minutes depending on the day]. This is a terrible habit I’ve been trying to break!

6 AM Get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee [which I program every night before to brew at 5:30 AM, so it’s ready when I finally drag my booty out of bed], make my bed + head to my desk to 5 Minute Journal ++ do my morning meditation. This has become such a huge part of my daily routine + if I don’t squeeze it in [even if I’m running late I still journal + meditate] my whole day is off.


7:15 AM Shower, get ready for the day + make breakfast [usually a smoothie, or a granola bar if I’m on the run] while watching the Today Show – I know I am practically a grandma!

8:30 AM Arrive at the CHAARG office + start working on my pertinent to-do list.

10 AM CHAARG team meeting! This is typically when my second cup of coffee is consumed ; )

10:30 AM Skype meetings with blogis, catching up on emails or working on updating *da blog*

12:30 PM #CHAARGEats – lunch time with team CHAARG for me is usually leftovers from dinner the night before, or a quick trip downstairs to Protein Bar [++ of course more coffee]!

2:30 PM Have you ever wondered who ships all of your awesome CHAARG gear from the shop + answers all of your questions via CHAARG support? That’s muah! Usually for me the afternoon is the least creative time of the day for my brain [that’s how I’m wired I suppose], so at this time of my day I work on all things shipping MWF.

5:30 PM Typically I’m wrapping up projects, emails or blogi duties for the day + headed for the L [Chicago’s transit system]. On Wednesdays we SoulCycle [+ you can totally spin with us ; )]. We are all a little too obsessed with Soul, but it’s a healthy habit to have!

6:30 PM If I’m not spinning at SoulCycle, I usually am decompressing with a hot yoga class, or run on the lake front. I am not a huge runner, but the views in Chicago are too incredible not to take full advantage of.

8 PM Dinner time! If I’m feeling up to it I like to try new recipes from Pinterest, or my new favorite cookbook by Chrissy Teagan. I am loving recipes that make enough to feed me for a few days – I’m guilty of being the lazy chef + lover of frozen steamable meals #NoShame!

9:30 PM I try to start getting ready for bed at this time. I have a very structured bedtime routine – brush teeth, wash face [sometimes I splurge with a charcoal face mask], night time face lotion. Then I always write in my 5 Minute Journal *night time* section before setting my alarm for the next day – it’s how I keep myself accountable!

10 PM Reading in bed with a cup of tea. Currently, I’m reading Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie! After I read a chapter, or so it’s off to bed!

++Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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  • Jodie Straub

    Delaney you are truly inspiring. I wish I was half as dedicated as you. You make me smile.

  • Judith Russell, grandma

    We.are so proud to be part of your family. God has truly blessed us, by letting us watch you grow. We love you very much, and miss you more!

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