A CHAARG Girl’s Guide to Dairy Alternatives

The dairy industry has been a hot topic in wellness media for the last few years, but why? For starters, it is estimated that about 65% of adults worldwide have an inability to digest dairy, something known as lactose intolerance. This occurs because many adults lack the lactase enzyme that aids in dairy digestion. Ranging from mild to severe, this indigestion causes discomfort. With this, there has been a rise in veganism in the last few years where many people swear off dairy for good, along with meat + other animal products. Studies have shown that limiting dairy intake can also help those who suffer from acne by clearing up skin, which is also why many people have cut it out. 

If you are interested in limiting your dairy intake, we have gathered some of our favorite alternatives for all of your dairy products. From milk to ice cream + cheese, this will hopefully show you that giving up dairy does not mean giving up good food! Obviously, you do not have to cut out all dairy all at once, but maybe making the switch with just one product can make all the difference for you! We hope you enjoy some of these delicious alternatives.


1] Almond Milk // People all over the world love almond milk for its versatility. It is made by many brands such as Silk + Almond Breeze, + comes in many different flavors like vanilla or even banana! It is sweet + we love it in our cereal.

2] Coconut Milk // If you are a coconut lover, this may be for you! Coconut milk is naturally found inside of coconut + blended with coconut meat to make this yummy + healthy dairy alternative.

3] Oat Milk // Oat milk is a favorite of so many people that choose to limit their dairy intake. It is low-calorie + free of most allergens, unlike nut-based milks. On top of all of this, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly milk alternatives since it does not require as much water to produce!

There are so many other milk alternatives to try! Click here to learn about them all [+ learn how to make your own!], + hopefully you’ll find your favorite ; ).


1] Daiya Cheese brand // Daiya is arguably the most popular vegan cheese brand because it is so versatile + it is dairy ++ soy-free. They have many different types, such as cheddar, pepperjack, + mozzarella. They even have dairy free Mac ‘n Cheese!

2] Go Veggie brand // Go Veggie is a brand that offers cheese alternatives in many different ways. Their cheeses come either vegan, lactose free, or lactose + soy free, so you can choose which kind you want based on why you are interested in cutting out dairy. They also have cream cheese + cheese dips!

You can try these alternative cheeses as a replacement anywhere you would use dairy cheese! Click here to see some of our recipes.


1] Silk Almond Milk Yogurt // Almond milk is used to make this yogurt alternative! We love this kind because it has the same texture as the real thing. It is perfect for yogurt parfaits!

2] Non Dairy Chobani Yogurt // Chobani, the popular yogurt brand recently released this dairy free alternative, so if you want to stick with brands you know, this one may be for you! It is made with coconut + comes in many yummy flavors.

These yogurt alternatives are also perfect for smoothies! Try substituting dairy yogurt for an alternative in this one!


1] Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Ice Cream // One of America’s favorite ice cream brands recently released a new dairy free line made with almond milk, + it has become so popular that they are coming out with new flavors all the time! They have alternatives to some of their most popular flavors such as Half Baked + Cherry Garcia, so you don’t have to give those up if you plan on cutting out dairy.

2] So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream // So Delicious is a dairy free brand with ice cream made with all kinds of ingredients, such as almond, cashew, oats, coconut, or soy milk, so you can try them all to see which you like best. They also offer a variety of yummy flavors!

3] Nice Cream // Nice cream is the homemade version of dairy free ice cream. There are so many recipes on the internet using different types of milk alternatives [see above]. Want to make your own? Check out our ice cream + Nice Cream recipes here!

What are some of your favorite non-dairy products//brands? Let us know on instagram with #inCHAARG :).

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