The Massive Smoothie Bowl I Eat [Almost] Every Day

Breakfast is an interesting topic. For years, we’ve heard: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Remember when OJ first thing in the morning was a staple? ++ lately, Intermittent Fasting has been a hot topic [I like this article on IF, + will share my own thoughts//journey in a later post!].

Everyone’s body is different ((I’m so thankful intuitive eating is having a moment, + I hope it continues to!)), as well as everyone’s preferences + schedules! It’s exciting to explore what works best for you. Awareness is key. Then, once you do become aware, you can create a routine. This will reduce decision fatigue, + prevent you from thinking about food all throughout the day. Hence why meal prep is so popular!

I’m learning that right now, I run best on vitamins, coffee, a massive smoothie bowl, nuts//protein bar*, kombucha//tea//nuun, a large #eggtooth bowl, + bone broth! Two things I’m working on: 1] I want to start staying away from bars as I realized I was relying on them every day — looking into other snack options now! + 2] MORE WATER! This is always a struggle for me.

Today, I’m sharing with you my MASSIVE smoothie bowl. Are you ready for this…


*Couple things to note…1] I don’t count calories. If I had to guess, I would say that this bowl consists of 50–60% of my daily calories. It’s a TON. But, that’s why it’s so good. : ) It keeps me full for SUCH a long time [at least 5 hours, + sometimes up to 7//8 hours depending on if I change up the portions]. Also, I didn’t share portion sizes with you — but I typically do 1–2 serving sizes of each item listed! 2] I recommend eating this smoothie bowl after you’ve worked out : ).

Protein Powder — I don’t have a specific brand I’m tied to [what’s your fav?]. Lately I’ve been loving Designer Protein’s summer strawberry [whey] or Orgain’s vanilla bean [plant].

Flaxseed — Every since I had flaxseed in my smoothie bowl for the first time + had the most incredible bowel movement, I can’t NOT add flax. It has all the good healthy fats + a lot of fiber, so it keeps you full + satisfied for a long time. : ) // Brand I Use

Chia Seeds — The first time I had chia seeds was in a kombucha, + I almost gagged. It took me awhile to even try chia seeds again, but I’ve come around! Chia seeds are super interesting because they actually expand in your stomach…. again, allowing you to stay fuller longer ++ slow the absorption of food. You’ve probably also noticed if you’ve put chia in overnight oats or chia seed pudding how it will expand + allow for a thicker consistency. // Brand I Use

Maca Powder — ENERGY! : ) I first heard about maca from my boyfriend because he jokes about how it increases sexual energy. I had never heard of maca before, but when I did my research [aka *googled*] I saw what an incredible root vegetable it was… it balances hormone levels + has tons of antioxidants in it… + yes, apparantly has been used medicinally for years for sexual health. // Brand I Use

Camu Powder — Sarah introduced me to Camu. I don’t put it in every smoothie, but if I’m feeling under the weather I’ll put it in! It has 10x the amount of Vitamin C has an orange… crazy, so it’s great as an anti-inflammatory.// Brand I Use

Acai — Acai is a superfood, + for good reason — I just learned that it’s one of the only fruits in the world with zero naturally occurring sugars? WILD. It’s extremely nutrient dense. Sambazon makes “smoothie bowl packs” — which I linked up. I like to only use half a pack, since I also add frozen fruit to my smoothie bowls! // Brand I Use

Frozen Fruit — You gotta have berries! I switch this up depending on my mood. Berry blend, raspberries, strawberries, even cherries are incredible. We all know the benefits of fruit… main benefit = it just tastes so good!

Frozen Spinach — I’m hoping that this is helping get my iron levels up! Frozen spinach is incredible to throw into smoothies because it literally has zero taste + you able to get some veggies in! It just doesn’t make the smoothie as pretty of a color… that’s its only downside ; ).

Coconut Milk — Get the full fat coconut milk. I’ve been addicted to coconut milk as my base for awhile now. It makes the consistency so thick + creamy. YUM. As with most of my ingredients, coconut milk has lots of healthy fats! // Brand I Use

Almond Milk//Coconut Water//Water — I will use one of these if my smoothie is too thick [which most of the times it is…] + put just enough it so that all of the ingredients can blend well. Play around with the amount depending on the cosnsitency you like! Make sure you get UNSWEETENED.

Banana — Banana is such an underrated flavor! It’s so good. I usually put half of the banana in the smoothie ++ use the other half as a topping : )

Coconut Flakes — MORE FATS! + crunchy crunchy crunchyyyy. Topping! // Brand I Use

Hemp Seeds — FATS ON FATS ON FATS. Maybe I should call this a fat bowl? It also has a relatively high protein percentage. I also just love the consistency of hemp seeds! Topping! // Brand I Use

Nut Butter — This just takes the smoothie bowl to the next level. A heavenly indulgence is taking your spoon + dipping it into peanut butter, + then dipping it into your smoothie bowl. Bite for bite. YUP. I typically have to restrain myself because I can go crazy on nut butter. But, wow, it’s so so good.

THAT’S IT : ). What ingredients did I miss?! All of the above ingredients I put in my smoothie bowl on the regular — if I’ve feeling adventurous, I like granola, dark chocolate gogi berries, cacao nibs, + fresh berries. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Rooting for you always,


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  • Ayesha

    I love adding tropical frozen fruit like mango or pineapple, especially when I’m making a green smoothie. They’re a little high in sugar compared to other fruit but they do an amazing job to mask the taste of spinach + kale!

    I also love adding a tiny bit of ginger if I’m having the smoothie for breakfast- it’s definitely an acquired taste because it’s kind of spicy, but it’s so good for you. Also really good: turmeric, fresh or as a dry powder. And this one you can’t taste at all!

    My absolute favorite for a smoothie bowl would be pitaya (aka dragon fruit). It doesn’t have an overpowering taste so you can combine with anything and it’s loaded with Vitamin C. You can usually find it as frozen packets, so super easy to use. Tip: use the pink version (it comes in white and pink) for the most stunning and most instagram-able smoothie bowl ever.

    Just joining chaarg this year! My handle: @ayesha_inchaarg

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