Creating Your Night Time Routine: 5 Things To Do Before Bed For An Awesome Night’s Sleep

I’m sure you’re skeptically skimming through this post thinking, *a night time routine? seriously, am I still in grade school?* Have you ever thought that the energy we had as children, might just be from following a schedule + getting the proper amount of sleep each night? So bare with me + keep an open-mind about crafting the perfect night time routine to meet your needs.

After a long day, snuggling into bed first thing when you arrive home is the best feeling. But if you’re like me, I could be running on E + still struggle to fall asleep at night, laying awake pondering the way the world works. If you too struggle falling + staying asleep, a bedtime routine will relax the mind + calm the body as you prepare to hit the hay.


Your perception shapes your reality. If you are chasing a goal, or trying to reshape your way of thinking, self-reflection at the end of each day is the perfect way to put your mind in the right place to succeed. What were the top 3 emotions you felt today? If any of those emotions are negative, how can you replace them with a positive emotion? How could you have made the day better? Possibly this means, waking up when your alarm goes off, instead of hitting snooze for an hour, or being more intentional + setting goals that are obtainable during that day.


First thing in the morning our brains aren’t always at full functioning capacity, which may leave your thoughts blank when trying to remember the intentions you wanted to set for the day, that you thought of while laying in bed last night. Setting aside time in your night time routine to determine your intentions for the next day, will leave you with clear + concise goals based on your self-reflection for the day to follow. You will also be able to sleep on it + make revisions when you wake up.


Have a cup of tea, relax with a face mask, or read a book – determine exactly what your *me* time is. After a tedious day of classes//work, you deserve to #TreatYourself to at least 30 minutes of R+R at the end of your day. Having this time in your routine to look forward to will make you more productive during your day + will help your mind decompress to help you fall asleep faster.


With any new routine, you must stay consistent. A good rule of thumb when creating a new routine is to focus on one thing at a time. If you want to add reading before bed, meditating 10 minutes per day + journaling all to your routine at once, odds are you will loose sight of consistency. Focus on the task that’s most important to you first + after 1 month of stability, add the next, so on + so forth. A new routine may not be formed all at once, but stick to a schedule + be patient. Before you know it you will have crafted + habit stacked your way to a perfect night time routine.

Be up front with yourself about what you need in a night time routine. Do you need to get a better night’s sleep, or carve out more me time in your day? Maybe you want to have more structure in your life? Being mindful about what your mind + body needs will lead you in the direction of a successful, relaxing + peaceful bedtime routine.

+ Delaney [delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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