Creamy Avocado Mango Smoothie

Avocados are one of nature’s most perfect foods. They are full vitamins, good fats, fiber, + are extremely low in sugar. For years we’ve been slicing them into our sandwiches, dipping our chips in them, + smashing them onto our toast, but I am here to tell you to start putting avocados in your smoothies!

Sounds weird right? I have to admit — I was a skeptic. The first time I added avocado into a smoothie, I was prepared to cringe at first taste. To my great surprise, it was one of the BEST smoothies I had ever had. Adding avocado makes for an amazing, creamy texture + the flavor mixes perfectly with any other fruits//flavors you add! Incorporating this superfood into your smoothies will make for a nutrient-packed drink that will satisfy + keep you full for hours.

Here is a delicious + summery avocado smoothie that is sure to make your mornings a little brighter.


*makes one serving

1/2 Avocado

1 C Mango, cubed + frozen

1/2 Coconut Water

3/4 C Plain Greek Yogurt [or 1 single-serving container]

1 tbsp Coconut Flakes

1 tbsp Chia Seeds [optional]


#1] Combine your avocado, mango, + coconut water. Put the mixture into a blender + blend until you have a smooth, thick liquid.


#2] Proceed to add your greek yogurt, coconut flakes, + chia seeds. Blend until creamy.



+ Kendall [@kendall_inchaarg], DePaul CHAARG


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