Cranberry Orange Holiday Spritzer

It is easy during the holidays to get caught up with all of the tasty treats that seem to be everywhere this time of year. I know we all love our peppermint mochas + gingerbread lattes, but there are times when we are sometimes in search of something lighter — something refreshing! This spritzer includes all of those delicious holiday flavors while also doing great things for your body. Here’s the best part- the drink could not be easier to do! Just prep, refrigerate ++ you’re ready to go!


16-20 oz Cranberry Seltzer
½ Orange [sliced]
⅓ cup Fresh Cranberries [make small slit in each one to help release flavors]
1 ½ tbsp Mint Leaves
½ tsp Honey
¼ tsp Vanilla


1] Pour seltzer into any liquid container + add all ingredients. Stir + refrigerate for 45 minutes [or longer] to let all those flavors combine + set in. That’s it!

How easy is that? Now you have the recipe — go on + create! You’re #inCHAARG here so it’s up to you to add or substitute any ingredients if you see fit. Make sure to share you pics with us on insta + use the hashtag #CHAARGeats! Drink up!

+Raechel [@life_inchaarg] VirtCHAARG girl from NY

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