From The CHAARG Community: I Love My Job In Corporate America

On instagram, I’ve been seeing a lot of people who are “leaving Corporate America” + doing their own thing. I love that people are following their curiosities + passions. What I don’t see on instagram [+ even hear about in person]: people who work for a company they love [constant salary, yay!] + why they love it. So… I decided to ask on instagram stories: Share with me a company you are proud to work for, your role, + why you love it. Here are [some!] of the stories I found.

Note — One isn’t better than the other. It’s about figuring out what works for you! The mission through this post is to shine a light on careers/companies that people love, to show you guys that you don’t always have to do your own thing to love your job!

Katie, @katie__porter — InVision: I get so frustrated when everyone bashed a 9-5 job! IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING!! I work remotely, have full benefits + perks [ie monthly Starbucks stipend, gym reimbursement, etc.] + get a salary. I couldn’t imagine a more ideal situation.

Lauren, @themodernastrologer — Spindrift: I work for Spindrift — I love the people, the product, working from home, + being a part of crazy growth!

Rebekah, — Aerotek Recruiting and Staffing: I work for Aerotek as a Recruiter Lead. Been there for three years + it’s the most incredible company for ME! It’s recruiting + sales so there are really high expectations + goals, but I control what I put in. I feel supported by partners who make me better in my role but also a better business woman. My company does base pay + untapped commission + I love that it is the same pay structure no matter if your a male or a female [hard to find sometimes]!

Mary, @itsmaryk — Accenture: I sometimes consider returning to the startup world, but the pay cut isn’t worth it to me. Financial + job security is great [health insurance!] + with a solid 9-5, I still have time for hobbies + passion projects. Sometimes I fear if I pursue my passions too hard, I’ll get burnout on my passion… At heart, I’m often like ~anti corporate entrepreneur~ vibes, so it feels weird liking security — I don’t always want to drink the koolaid but it’s hard not to! I’m grateful my company encourages work-life balance + personal projects that keep me energized. When I do show up for work [whether in the office, traveling, or work-from-home] I’m able + excited to be all there.

Anna, @annaamazingjourney — AE Marketing Group: While I may complain about the day to day, Bosch is such a great company. They truly value their employees. Also, talk about work/life balance. When I was at a start-up, I was always working off hours + never felt like I fully had control over my own schedule. Now I feel like I can really plan out my life outside of work. Even when things have conflicted they have been flexible with giving me time to do what I need to do outside of work. Another reason is that they truly value health + family. We have a great health care plan + they give these health challenges every once in a while where you can earn free money just for participating in them. They also offer on-site massages + Pilates classes in the summer.

Lauren, @larnkeith — American Airlines: I’m a Flight Attendant for American Airlines! I love it! I get to travel all over the world + meet so many people + experience different cultures + places

Paige, @pjfreund — Behavioral Therapist: I work for an ABA [applied behavioral analysis] company as a behavioral therapist. Currently in grad school for my masters! Love my job because I get to help kiddos on the autism spectrum everyday. ABA is a therapy that supports + teaches kids on the spectrum daily life skills that they wouldn’t be able to learn any other way!

Katelyn, @katsvrt — College Possible: I work at College Possible – a college access + success non-profit that works with students from low income + first generation college backgrounds – I oversee the program at three of our partner high schools. The education system can be WACK + every day, our team gets to help students navigate a system that wasn’t built for them. There are so many nonprofits in the world doing the same incredible work – you don’t always have to start your own! Instead of saturating the field, find one that shares your mission + work hard at it!

Paige, @ohheypaige — BuyBuy Baby: I’m in digital marketing for BuyBuy Baby — mostly email marketing. I’ve learned SO much since I started almost 2 years ago! Anything from HTML, Oracle backend stuff, front end creative. You name it with email + I probably know something about it! It’s a new challenge every single day + we never have a dull moment.

Samantha, @samm_frann — Adidas: Adidas offers so many opportunities for personal + professional development [mapping out goals for both is required in our quarterly plans]. Workshops of all kinds are offered on a weekly basis, it’s encouraged to workout when it works best for YOU, benefits [health, dental, vision, gym reimbursement, free rideshare during work hours, etc.], I can count on having a consistent schedule during the week + in the summer, half day Fridays are a thing to encourage getting outside + enjoying life outside of work!

Brianna, @dizzylotusgoes — RX Bar: I work at RXBAR. I’m on Consumer Insights + I get to work with our amazing businesses on a daily basis! I love the culture, my team, the fact that I’m heard + supported, ++ there’s always room for innovation. I wake up EXCITED to go to work. I used to have issues with getting to work on time with my old job, + it was because I hated it… so much. Now, I feel like I’m PART of a team. I’m actually stepping down from teaching yoga so I can focus on my role + future growth at the company. When you love a product + the people, it’s not hard to show up + do work.

Delaney, @dfordallas — Peloton: I work for Peloton in Sales Development — I love Peloton because it is a company that is rapidly growing, which creates new opportunities + career development. It feels like new roles are coming available almost monthly because of how quickly we’re growing! I also love the culture here. It’s inclusive, diverse + supportive of your personal, health + fitness, ++ career goals!

Kelly, @ktrimper — EY: I think corporate America is a GREAT starter. You learn so much on what to do, what doesn’t work, + how to handle yourself. I work as a CPA for EY + while I can’t say it’s my *dream* job, I am learning so much, both in accounting + how to behave as a professional. I’d love to have my own business, but I think seeing what I like + don’t like in my own managers will help me to learn how to manage my own company + people some day. Your first job doesn’t need to be your dream job. It’s a stepping stone into greater success.

Virginia, @notwestvirginia — Trane: I don’t love my role every single day [Financial Analyst], but realize I am extremely lucky to have a company that gives great benefits outside of the standard. For example, they will reimburse up to $1,000 in gym membership costs if you attend a certain amount of days in the year. I love that they promote a healthy lifestyle! A lot of people [including myself] lose sight of owning your own development!

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