How Consistency Can Become Your Greatest Motivation

People ask me all the time: “How do you stay motivated?”

I can see the hope in their eyes as a small part holds out for the verbal equivalent to the *magic pill* the fitness industry has got to be commandeering somewhere. That shortcut that takes us from our goals to reality overnight, + enacts change without a drop of sacrifice. A phrase or quote that makes everything click.

Unfortunately, my response always begins with a laugh, a shrug of the shoulders, + a bit of real talk, “I’m only human! I’m NOT motivated all the time.” Of course I have days where I’d rather sit on the couch instead of hit the gym, order food instead of prepping it + buy going-out clothes instead of workout clothes.

We live in a time that’s busier + more demanding than ever, with a standard of living the highest it’s ever been, + distraction is literally at our fingertips. Shit, motivation can be hard to come by.

++ this is exactly why consistency is so important.

I’ve learned over the course of the last decade [plus] that the magic of what you do today isn’t FULLY realized… until tomorrow. The day after… ++ the day after that.

Motivation is what everyone is looking for, but consistency is the unsung hero. In fact, motivation gets us started, but consistency is what keeps us coming back from more. 

The days I don’t feel like working out, I get my ass to the gym anyway for no other reason than if I go today, it’ll be easier to go tomorrow. Seriously! That’s it.

Doing something consistently leads to creating a habit. It makes effort seem effortless. It makes a task or chore transform into a lifestyle.

Think about something you do EVERY day, something you probably take for granted, + hardly think about. Now think about the FIRST time you did it. It most likely felt daunting. Health, fitness, wellness, financial responsibility, whatever it is, it’s is all the same. It seems impossible until it’s done, + practice always makes perfect. Well, perfect-ish.

When asked, “How do you stay motivated?” My response always ends with one piece of advice: Visualize each outcome.

I think about my immediate future. What does the rest of the week look like if I skip the gym TODAY?  Chances are if I ditch the gym today, I’ll be more likely to miss it tomorrow. + the day after that. Once the gym goes, it’s easier to justify poor choices in the kitchen. Sleep starts to suffer, stress starts to build, + before I know it it’s three months down the road I’m left wishing I never fell off the wagon!

Think about walking OUT of the gym, eating a meal you just prepared made of whole, clean, ingredients, or prioritizing your spending to be able to afford your favorite workout class. How do you feel? Proud? Accomplished? Invincible? Probably all of the above.

Which scenario do you want?! Who do you want to be? The choice seems pretty easy.

Results are the ultimate motivation, but you don’t get them without action. Motivation is fleeting, but consistency, by very definition, is always there if YOU say so.

One final note, consistency is nothing without patience. So keep yourself moving forward by CELEBRATING each + every small win!

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