College Space Or Adult Place? 6 Tricks To Blur The Line

Adulting is hard — especially while in college. You’re at a crossroads where you can live on your own + you’re tasked with making some pretty hefty decisions about your future. But you also still have the freedom to go out any night of the week, leave your room a mess + spend mindless hours watching Netflix [Orange is the New Black, anyone?!]. Regardless of how we spend our free time, we are, for all intents + purposes, adults. Whether you’re working, interning, taking a full course load, staying healthy, loving a busy social life or any combination of the above, you are an adult ++ it’s about time our college places reflected this.

That’s right — we’re talking no more pictures *taped* to the walls + saying adios to mismatched towels + that pile of laundry in the corner that never really seems to find itself in its’ place. Follow these simple tips to make apartment adulting easy + refreshing.


Stacks of papers, shoes by the door, movies + games haphazardly dispersed around the room — the clutter is real. Having clutter doesn’t mean you’re not adulting. Truth is, almost everyone has some clutter, but the secret lies in knowing how to *hide* it. Transform your college place into a home for a young adult by finding a home for all of that clutter. Buy a filing system for those papers you need to keep [+ throw away what you don’t]. Use a cute basket by the door for shoes + umbrellas ++ invest in a chest that doubles as an ottoman or coffee table to store games, movies + blankets.


No more *taping* or *tacking* photos + posters to the wall. It’s time to invest in some frames for all of your favorite memories + art. No need to splurge on expensive frames. Simple, inexpensive frames from Ikea will do the trick, leaving your space looking clean + tidy.


To  *adultify* your space, most of those little figurines//decorations [ahem, unwanted gifts], endless candles + fake plants gotta go. All they do is add clutter + collect dust. Stick to the cantaloupe rule when purchasing decor. Rather than a bunch of little *knick knacks,* a few items cantaloupe-sized or bigger will spice up your adult space without it feeling cluttered + dusty. ++ for those little things you just can’t part ways with, a small shelf to display them [+ organize them] works perfectly.


The days of a bathroom overflowing with beach towels are over. Investing in a set of matching bath towels will instantly add maturity to your bathroom. Additionally, having a set of matching + clean towels on hand at all times for guests will impress surprise visitors [like your mother ; )] + make you a top-notch host.


Hairspray, perfume, jewelry, flat iron, curling iron, toothpaste — these things have a way of taking over our bathroom counters. Just like clutter in the living space, clutter in the bathroom needs to find a home. Use a basket that slides neatly under your sink for hair care products + make-up. Relocate jewelry to a dresser or use a floating shelf  to keep it from taking up counter real estate [True story — I have a friend who once had a guest knock all of her jewelry into the toilet — yikes].


Nothing says *adult* quite like a nice set of matching dishes. They don’t have to be expensive china that sit unused in your mom’s cabinet, but a simple set of eight or so matching plates + glasses will both transform your cabinets + act as pretty kitchen decor [not to mention your cred as a party host goes up too ; )].

Adulting is hard. But having a home that is neat, clutter free + a reflection of the young adult that you are will leave you inspired + excited for the future. Remember, *adultifying* your space doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of personality. Your space can be a fun reflection of you while still looking like an adult lives there. Age is just a number, after all.

++Briana [brianam_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Orlando

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