Coffee Chat: How Much Caffeine Is *Too Much*?


Just like Sriracha + anything with a bolt on it, coffee is of the few things we jokingly say we are *addicted* to ; ). Coffee is a CHAARG girl’s lifeline for juggling classes, student organizations, + work, but how much is *too much* ++ when should you call it quits on your morning espresso?

Coffee research is notorious for being contradictory, but new information may help us uncover the truths behind our morning brew. The bad news? Caffeine withdrawal is an actual disorder, but the good news is that coffee addiction is not, says the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [DSM].

Drinking caffeine [of any form — coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc.] regularly can significantly affect your brain. Building a slight tolerance to caffeine is normal, but it does result in our bodies needing *more*. If we don’t get our cup of joe at our regular time everyday this can result in withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, moodiness, + headache [++ ain’t no college student got time for that ; )].

Caffeine withdrawal is only considered a problem when it is severely impacting your life. An early morning or late afternoon energy dip definitely impacts your life, but isn’t necessarily cause for concern. By severe, were talking’ things along the lines of extreme sleepiness or arguing with your roommate, professor or parents because of your lack of coffee intake — yikes!

Coffee drinkers don’t sweat it — luckily there is ground breaking research that shows us that there is no need to skip our morning coffee. There are actually significant benefits to being a coffee lover [yay!] ++ it could possibly save your life from heart disease, liver cancer + Alzheimer’s. Because the benefits outweigh the negatives, The Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee [this is essentially the United State’s top nutrition panel] actually recommends that you drink three to five cups of coffee per day. Skipping the sugar, milk, + creamer might be an adjustment for you, but cutting out these *extras* will make your coffee much healthier for you!

Coffee may not be as harmful or addictive as other things out there in our world, but its consumption should still be taken seriously. CHAARGies know just how important caffeine is to having a productive day so, don’t feel guilty if you love indulging in a cup of coffee, latte, espresso [your choice ; )] each morning — just do so in moderation.

+Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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