We’re In Love With The Coco[nut Oil]

Coconut has been in the spotlight in the wellness arena for the past few years, with new products popping up all the time [coconut vinegar anyone?]. Promises of weight loss, disease curing, to toxin pulling are plastered on websites + brand labels – but is any of it true?

While coconut oil does have certain properties that may benefit your health, science hasn’t quite proven any of these claimed coconut *miracles.* However, many people swear by it + I, myself, have used it for quite a few things. So despite science – here are some uses for a CHAARG girl’s favorite oil.


#1] Coconut oil is awesome for moisturizing skin + hair. Use it in place of perfumed lotions + deep conditioners for a more natural skin regimen. You can use it on your skin daily + on your hair 1-2x/month.

#2] Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which contributes to coconut oil’s anti-bacterial properties. This lauric acid can be beneficial with killing bad breath germs + may help clear surface stains on teeth. Swish with coconut oil in the AM in place of your normal mouthwash!

Curious about oil pulling? I tried it for 3 weeks [swishing for 15-20 mins per day], the results? Non-conclusive. It definitely freshened my breath + quite possibly brightened up my teeth slightly, but I can’t speak to any of the other benefits people talk about!

#3] Lauric acid is also a MCT [medium chain triglyceride], which is absorbed in the body better than some other fatty acids + may slightly increase metabolism. Again – no proof on weight loss, but it couldn’t hurt eh?

#4] Lauric acid may also improve your blood cholesterol profile, however it raises both HDL + LDL levels.

#5] While we love olive oil, using it with high heat can create harmful bi-products. Coconut oil contains a high amount of saturated fats [which research has shown aren’t as bad as we once thought] that remain stable in the cooking process, so it’s the perfect oil to use for sauteeing or other high heat cooking methods.

#6] Coconut itself contains high amounts of Vitamin E [an antioxidant], Vitamin C [for healthy skin + immune system], fiber [in coconut meat itself], electrolytes for nerve + muscle function [coconut water], + sterols [cool little plant chemicals that have been found to support overall health + wellness].

I hope this gave you a little insight into what’s proven + what may be all talk! ; ) What’s your favorite coconut products//uses? We’d love to hear about ‘em!

+ Alexa, RD [@lexx_inCHAARG], VirtCHAARG from Cincy

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