Coconut Circuit

In today’s sweat sesh, Coconut Circuit, you’ll be completing the circuit three times through… every round, you’ll get less + less time to rest in between exercises [as we work harder, we get STRONGER!]. For the 50 reps of Bent Over Rows, complete these at your own pace… as few sets as possible! [ps — you are going to be fabulous at push ups after this workout ; )]

Complete 3X

1st Round — 30 seconds rest in between exercises

2nd Round — 20 seconds rest in between exercises

3rd Round — 10 seconds rest in between exercises

6 Push Up//Dip Turnovers

8 Push Ups

10 Lunge + Curl

12 Front Press

14 Tricep Dips

16 Push Ups

18 Hammer Curls

20 Upright Rows

50 Bent Over Rows


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