Coco-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Crisps

Confession: I love affair with sweet potatoes. They’re simple to prepare + their taste is sweet + satisfying! Sweet potatoes are a huge source of beta-carotene [normally found in green, leafy vegetables], high in antioxidants + FULL of vitamins//nutrients. Not to mention, their bright color livens up any rainy spring day!

I was in my dorm last week ready to bake my sweet potato, when I realized I was all out of olive oil. What I did have was a jar of pure coconut oil [a healthy alternative to butter] + some ground cinnamon. I worked with what I had + #BOOM: the Coco-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Crisps were born. These *crisps* [crispy on the outside, soft on the inside] are packed with amazing favor + are a satisfying snack to fuel you throughout the day.

I used my dorm’s community kitchen to make these, so fear not — cooking healthy in college CAN be a thing! ; )


*makes 1 – 2 servings [double or triple recipe to make a delicious snack that will last you all week!]

1 Sweet Potato

1.5 tbsp Coconut

1.5 tbsp Ground Cinnamon

1 pinch of Sea Salt


#1] Preheat your oven to 450o F. Rinse your sweet potato + slice through the whole potato, making quarter inch-circles. If you don’t like the skin, then I would suggest skinning the whole potato before you slice.

#2] Take a tbsp of coconut oil + melt it for 15-20 seconds in the microwave or over heat, just until it turns to its liquid form. Put your potato slices in a medium-large bow + combine them with the liquified coconut oil + a tbsp of ground cinnamon. Toss the potatoes until all slices are lightly coated with the oil + cinnamon.

#3] Spread the slices onto a baking sheet + put in oven for about 15 min, or until outsides are visibly crispy + golden-brown. Sprinkle the remaining oil, cinnamon, + salt over top — EAT UP.

Make sure to share your creation with us on instagram — @CHAARG + #inCHAARG [these would be awesome topped with eggs, too!]

+ Kendall [@kendall_inCHAARG], DePaul CHAARG

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