Zainab Imami: Everything Fell Into Place

While many girls join CHAARG for similar reason [find the fun in fitness, learn a workout routine, develop healthier habits, + become a part of a community], their journey stories are all unique + empowering.

This Q + A post features Zainab’s #ChangedByCHAARG story + more about her journey!

Meet Zainab Imami


University of Michigan — join #MICHCHAARG here!



One Word To Describe You:


Reason I Joined CHAARG:

After starting my fitness journey on my own, I knew that when the school year started up again, I would need something to keep me motivated but also accountable, while helping me to grow + try new things. Finding CHAARG checked every single one of my boxes + went beyond anything I could’ve expected!

Favorite CHAARG Memory:

Literally all of it! But if I had to choose one, I would say the Galentine’s Day social this year! Getting to hang out with my favorite people + eating cake while watching a movie was exactly what I needed!

#inCHAARG Instagram Crush:

Antonia! @ant_inchaarg

Philosophy On Wellness:

Sometimes it’s ok to do nothing. We spend so much time running around + trying to get stuff done that we forget to take a second + breathe // take care of ourselves.

Favorite Self-Care Practice:

Depending on what’s going on either going for a run // really intense workout // just taking a nap

2019 Intention:

To be bold!

Ideal Morning Routine:

Wake up, gym, shower, breakfast, life!

Book Every CHAARG Girl Should Read:

Pride + Prejudice by Jane Austen

Greatest Lesson On College:

College is hard. BUT finding what you love + people you love is what will keep you sane ++ taking time for them [+ yourself]  is so essential to being a real person!

Advice To Your Freshman Self:

Everyone is nervous + self-conscious to a degree – no one’s looking at you because everyone’s looking at themselves. So take this time to try new things because no one else is watching + by doing this, you’ll grow more confident + eventually be able to try new things no matter where you are!

Being #inCHAARG To Me Means:

To me, being #inCHAARG means being in control of my life. We have the power to make the changes we want to see + all we have to do is to be bold + dive in!

How have you been Changed By CHAARG?

Since joining CHAARG, as cliché as it sounds, I’ve found myself. Not only have I figured out what types of workouts I like to do // that I can be a morning person, but I was given the chance to learn what I was capable of. I truly love meeting, talking to, + getting to know people ++ I’m good at it. I am stronger [physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually] than I ever thought I would be. I was trusted to lead the University of Michigan chapter + I thrived.

Before CHAARG, I lacked true self-confidence + self-love, but if the people I admire + the people who have changed my life believed in + loved me, why shouldn’t I? I grew into the person I’ve always hoped to be because I was provided with the most supportive, empowering, loving, encouraging, ++ amazing community ever + I’ve loved every single moment of this journey!

Learn more about your CHAARG Chapter here + grab your membership here! <3

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