Emily Ganz: Trust The Process

While many girls join CHAARG for similar reason [find the fun in fitness, learn a workout routine, develop healthier habits, + become a part of a community], their journey stories are all unique + empowering.

This Q + A post features Emily Ganz’s #ChangedByCHAARG story + more about her journey! Emily has been a part of CHAARG nearly since the start [she founded #PurdueCHAARG] + she is currently one of our Regional Chapter Leads! PS // we no longer have our future Ambassadors travel to Chicago for their final interviews ; ).

Meet Emily Ganz, @Ganzai_INCHAARG


Undergrad at Purdue University [join Purdue CHAARG here!] + Graduate school at University of Cincinnati [join UC CHAARG here!]


Health Education Specialist at a non profit Dialysis Company

One Word To Describe You:


Reason I Joined CHAARG:

I wanted to show girls working out is more than just well, working out! It not only can be fun but there are so many benefits that come along with it [mental + emotional benefits hollaaah]

Favorite CHAARG Memory:

Our very first welcome party in the Fall of 2014! We crammed 40 girls into my tiny apartment, but it was the BEST. So much positive energy in the room!

#inCHAARG Instagram Crush:

@taychayy [Taylor Dilk] I actually went to Purdue with her (she was personal trainer while I was a group fitness instructor!)

Philosophy On Wellness:

If what you’re doing makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

Favorite Self-Care Practice:

Currently it’s my skin care routine! I love taking 10-15 minutes every morning + night to devote to my skin. Helps me feel calm for the day // relaxed for the night.

2019 Intention:

To find strength in all challenges that come my way.

Ideal Morning Routine:

My current routine! Which usually includes early morning workout, shower, 20-30 minutes to get ready, make my bed + enjoy my breakfast while listening to my podcast.

Book Every CHAARG Girl Should Read:

Educated by Tara Westover. Based on a true story of a girl who grows up completely isolated from society // education, but is determined to learn about the world around her by educating herself + finding herself along the way.

Greatest Lesson On College:

TRUST THE PROCESS. It’s O K A Y to not have it figured out after 4 years. I say this meaning if you don’t land your dream job right after college or know what you exactly want out of a job- that’s ok! Take time to shadow // interview professions + gain insight from them! You will go where you need to be.

Advice To Your Freshman Self:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Going off to college is a major change within itself, without adding other factors like distance from home, not knowing anyone, etc.! But doesn’t mean you have to figure it all out by yourself!

Being #inCHAARG To Me Means:

Staying true to myself + following what makes me happy // challenges me to be a better version of myself.

How have you been Changed By CHAARG?

I owe everything to this organization + I mean that with every ounce of my heart. Before joining CHAARG in 2014, I was someone who did not love myself for who I am + was constantly trying to conform to what was popular. Fast forward to the first week of 2019, I love who I am, strengths, imperfections and all. Also if it wasn’t for CHAARG, I am not sure I would have found my career path of what I am passionate about or created these amazing friendships I know I will always have. Like I said, I owe everything to this organization because I would not be who I am today.

Learn more about your CHAARG Chapter here + grab your membership here! <3

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