Cassidy Mattson: Transferring Into A Chapter

While many girls join CHAARG for similar reason [find the fun in fitness, learn a workout routine, develop healthier habits, + become a part of a community], their journey stories are all unique + empowering.

This Q + A post features Cassidy’s #ChangedByCHAARG story + more about her journey! Cassidy is the CHAARG Ambassador at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire!

Meet Cassidy Mattson, @Cassidy__inCHAARG


University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire — join #UWECCHAARG here!


Psychology + Kinesiology double major

One Word To Describe You:


Reason I Joined CHAARG:

I had played multiple sports for my whole life + I always loved being a part of a team. When I got to college I really missed this team aspect + I wanted to be active with a group of people who had similar interests to me, so CHAARG was a perfect fit!

Favorite CHAARG Memory:

We had a bonfire social on Halloween this fall + it was so fun to get to know girls better, eat too many marshmallows, + play games around the fire! It was such a good time to build relationships + it was one of my favorite nights of the semester : )

#inCHAARG Instagram Crush:

summer.suchan_inchaarg ! She was my roomie at the Leadership Retreat this past summer + I love how open + real she is on her insta.

Philosophy On Wellness:

While wellness is super unique + individual to each person, I think that one universal aspect of it should be that it is holistic. To be truly well, you need to be balanced + care for yourself in many different ways [fitness, diet, spiritual health, mental health, ++ more]!

Favorite Self-Care Practice:

Slow nights where I can make some hot cocoa, light a candle, put on a face mask, + watch Netflix : )

2019 Intention:

Adventure! In 2019 I plan on doing one thing a month that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. For January, I kicked this off my traveling with my friend @julia_inchaarg1 to five different countries in Europe!

Ideal Morning Routine:

I’m honestly not the best at having a morning routine because I always stay in bed too long! But in an ideal world, I would get up early enough to spend some time journaling, drink a cup of coffee, + not feel rushed.

Book Every CHAARG Girl Should Read:

More than anything, just read a lot! I don’t have just one book to recommend, because I’ve gotten the most out of reading many different books as often as I can.

Greatest Lesson On College:

To be yourself! It can be easy to let yourself be influenced by the people around you or to try to change yourself to fit into a certain sort of idea of who you think you should be, but you will be so much happier if you stay true to yourself. You’ll find the best people this way too, because they will like you for who you truly are.

Advice To Your Freshman Self:

To put myself out there more! So many times I let my fear of failure control me, + it stopped me from trying new things. Don’t let this fear of messing up stop you from amazing opportunities.

Being #inCHAARG To Me Means:

The ability to be my best self. Being #inCHAARG has given me the confidence I need to be the best me I can be, + know that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

How have you been Changed By CHAARG?

I have been changed by CHAARG in so many ways! I have met some of my best friend through it, my confidence has grown, my leadership skills have flourished, and I know that I am where I’m supposed to be. CHAARG has given me a space where I can be my authentic self, while always striving to grow more and become better. My life has been forever changed for the better because of CHAARG!

Learn more about your CHAARG Chapter here + grab your membership here! <3

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