How To Make Cold Brew


Ahhhh, coffee. The drink that is quite possibly nearest + dearest to a CHAARGie’s heart. Nothing could be better than a strong cup of joe for a morning [or afternoon… or any time of day] pick-me-up. In the summer heat, why not have it iced?! No, I’m not talking about iced coffee — I’m talking about COLD BREW.

Although the two may seem very similar, iced coffee + cold brew are actually pretty different in the way they are made + the flavor that is achieved. Traditional iced coffee is brewed with hot water [like normal coffee] + then served over ice. Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in water for a longer amount of time. This process pulls out a lot of the caffeine [YEY] + natural sweetness in the coffee + leaves behind all of the bitterness + acidity, resulting in a smooth, rich flavor that definitely reigns supreme to plain ole iced coffee! Cold brew is 1] DELISH + 2] Actually so easy to make at home! All you’ll need is coffee beans//grounds, water, a large container, a strainer, + a coffee filter!

Note: When making any kind of coffee, the quality of coffee beans is SO important. Good beans = good coffee, it’s as simple as that. I prefer to buy whole beans [locally roasted is always the best] + grind them at home, but if you only have grounds, that will work fine too! Just be sure that the coffee you have is coarsely ground [fine grounds are not great for cold brew + make it harder to strain]. Here’s a grinder that I love!

Now time to #CHAARGup! [Feel free to double//triple this recipe to get you through the week!]


3/4 cup [60 g] Coffee Beans, coarsely ground

4 cups Water, lukewarm



#1] Pour coffee grounds into a large bowl [or another container of choice] + stir in 4 cups of water. Cover with lid [or plastic wrap] + place in the refrigerator [or just leave on the counter!] + let steep for 12 hours [or 24 if you like it super strong ; )]

#2] After the coffee has steeped, grab another bowl + place a strainer in it. Place the coffee filter in the strainer — this will ensure no grounds will sneak into your coffee, but you could also use cheesecloth instead]. Pour the steeped coffee into the strainer + wait for the coffee to filter through, then pour in some more + wait again. Repeat the process ++ you may also want to replace the coffee filter halfway through if there are a lot of grounds.


#3] When it’s all strained, throw away the grounds + pour your new yummy coffee over ice + store the rest in a jar to save for later because you’ll definitely want more! Milk, cream, + sweeten however you like — but taste it before you do so because you may just love it black! Then sip, caffeinate + ENJOY! [Your cold brew should keep in the fridge for about a week! : )]


Happy Brewing!

+ Isabelle [@isabelle_inchaarg], IU CHAARG

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