CHAARG Internships: We have two CHAARGtern positions open! Applications are due on August 19. Current openings:

Social Media Intern | Designtern

*For other internship opportunities, check back later to see if there are any postings! We typically open applications three times per year: fall, spring , + summer.

Full Time Positions: We currently do not have any openings for full time positions. However, we’re always interested in hearing from you if you think you would be a good fit for CHAARG! Feel free to send your resume + ideal position to + we will keep your information if any future positions open! Skills that we are interested in: social media content creation, designer, photographer, UX, partnerships.

We have a few key qualifications for what we look for in interns, so make sure you check them out below ; )


We’re looking for girls who are truly passionate about living a healthy lifestyle + helping other girls live this lifestyle. From the beginning, CHAARG stood [+ still stands] for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls.

#2] Awareness + Organization

There are a lot of moving parts to keep CHAARG up + running [++ constantly growing!] –awareness + adaptability are key. We are looking for organized teammates with impeccable time management skills.

#3] Coachability + Curiosity

Similar to any internship, you’ll be constantly learning new systems, methods, + skills! We are looking for go-getters who have a passion for learning, constant curiosity, + are easily coachable.

Position Details + How to Apply…

Questions? Reach out to!