CHAARG’s Guide To Ojai

Ojai [pronounced — oh hi!] would be my favorite weekend escape… if I lived in California ; ). It was truly magical — all the healing + holistic vibes, PLUS lots of wine + cute boutiques. This is a perfect place to visit for a solo vacation or girls trip! I went with my friend Melissa, + while I could spend a week here, 48 hours was also perfect!

Pro Tip — If you are traveling from LA/LAX, take the 1 to the 101 to the 33 [thanks Jackie]… it’s so much prettier than just the 101. Plus! It was strawberry season, so there were tons of strawberry stands on the highways… aaaahmazing. ++ stop at Erewhon, because it is truly my grocery store heaven.

Coffee + Cafes

1] Revel Kombucha Bar + Acai Bowls: While this place has incredible kombucha [+ the acai bowls looked bowl], you absolutely need to get the nitro coffee with a scoop of coconut ice cream, yes please. It transported me back to Vietnam.

2] Food Harmonics: I wish I had lunch here, but only had time to grab a chai + dessert. All of their drinks + desserts are to die for, you can’t go wrong.

3] Sage Mindful Meals + Elixers: Again! Another place I wish I had gotten food at [not enough meals for 3 days!]. Get a tonic + elixir here for sure, + it’s right next door to the cutest crystal [+ dog, lol] shop.

For Next Time: Coffee Connection, TRUBLEND [juices + smoothies]


1] Hip Vegan: So hip they basically have a non-existant website, aha. Get the AVOCADO TOAST. Truly the best avo toast of my life, no joke. ++ the green ginger smoothie!

2] The NestThis restaurant was hyped up… but it wasn’t a “must” — it’s good for a fast + casual, yet healthy meal. I loved the crispy brussels.

3] Ojai RotieCurrently, it opens at 5PM until the food runs out… so, make sure you get an early dinner here! I was obsessed. Quarter chicken with all the side veggies [cauliflower was my fav]+ GET. THE. BREAD.

4] The Farmer + The Cook: Went here for lunch on my way out — ginger shot + veggie burger on spelt bread = #lyfe. Everything looked so good here… another place that I really want to go to for brunch!

5] Westrige Market + Rainbow BridgeGrocery shops for “takeaway” lunchs or dinner… stop here before a hike for some goodies! 🙂


1] Ojai Valley Inn: If you want to totally splurge, spend the night here… buuuuut if you just want to see what the vibe is all about, definitely get a drink here. You can grab a glass of wine + walk around the property. It’s so beautiful! Definitely an oasis.

2] Tipple + Ramble: Didn’t end up getting wine here [lol], BUT… next time! Looked so good. I did have the mediterranean spread + it was incredible.

3] Topa Mountain Winery: Great wine, great vibes — you can’t go wrong. I usually never like rose, but we ended up getting a bottle here… that good!

For Next Time: Chief’s Peak, Majestic Oak Vineyard, Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room, Noso Vita [also has coffee!]



2] KariellaSuper cute boutique for jewelry, bathing suits, clothes, + the like.

3] Elemental Apothecary: Herbs, essential oils, elixirs… thangs like that.

4] Summer Camp: Everything you want, nothing that you need. [Or is it the reverse? ; )]

5] Dharma + Dog: Yes ,this is both a pet store + spiritual shop — into it.

6] deKor + Co: You’ll find $500 dresses here, but hey… they’re gorgeous. Go here for shopping inspo, not so much to purchase anything, lol.

7] Boku: Superfood store… the trailmix is BOMB.

8] Walk down Ojai Ave + Matilija Street: In case I missed anything, these are the main two streets… walk up + down, + pop into whatever speaks to your soul ; ).


1] Ecotopia Natural Hot Springs: YES. YES. YES. Make sure you book ahead of time, as it frequently fills up. This is a must! Also, you’ll have no service when you get in the mountains, so make sure you know where you are going ahead of time!

2] HIKE! This is a no brainer. There are many different trailheads — we did the Shelf Road Trailhead. It is stuuuuuning.

3] Ojai Yoga Shala: If you want to get a yoga class in, this is a great place to check out [although there were many studios!]. This studio is right next to Hip Vegan though which makes it an easy decision ; ).

4] Ojai Farmer’s MarketEvery Sunday from 9am — 1pm. You gotta go, enough said.

5] Pepper Tree Resort: This was the home of Krishnamurti, an Indian philsopher + mystic — check out his library + walk the grounds. After visiting, I’m inspired to read his books.

6] Intuitive Ojai: If you’re into the woo woo, you need to get a reading in Ojai! I’m sure there are tons of incredible people to choose from, but I really liked Carrie. Melissa chose the psychic reading + I received the body wisdom healing. Pro tip: record it! I wish I had! Even though I trust that… “I will remember what I need to hear.”

For Next Time: Light + Space, Earthtonics [for a facial], Healing In America

Stay: YOU MUST STAY AT THIS AIRBNB. SHE IS A FRENCH BULLDOG BREEDER, OH MY GOSH. Literally, incredible. There were 10 puppies when we stayed there + it was a BLAST.

10000% coming back to Ojai. Already excited to bring my mom/Isaac here [on separate trips, aha].

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