In honor of CHAARG’s 6th [!!] birthday, we asked 6 former Ambassadors to share their CHAARG journeys — in only 6 questions ; ). From their lives before CHAARG to the reasons why they became the leaders of their chapters to what they’re up to post-grad ++ so much more more, meet some of our OG CHAARG girls!

Meet Samantha Frankenberg — Bowling Green State University’s founding Ambassador! Sammi found out about CHAARG by a girl she knew in high school who continuously “posted on social media about this fitness community she loved at UC.”

“I went to the CHAARG insta + picked out a #WorkoutWednesday post I liked + I was INSTAntly hooked ; )”

#1] What was college + fitness like for you before CHAARG?

Before CHAARG, the relationship I had with fitness was through college cheerleading. Being a flyer, there is a lot of pressure to be thin/small, + people commented on this all the time. I associated working out with trying to be as little as possible so I could fit this ideal. Working out was actually stressful for me for a long time.

#2] Why did you want to be a CHAARG Ambassador?

Community is so important to me. When I quit cheerleading, I got involved with the original Virtual CHAARG Community + was overwhelmed with how supportive everyone was — I truly felt at home like never before. I saw how all of the members at each University chapter were equally empowering + just knew that CHAARG would thrive at Bowling Green.

#3] What’s your favorite CHAARG memory?

Gosh, it’s so hard to pick just one, but I would say the very first welcome party. Over 300 girls showed up ready to see what CHAARG was all about + my exec team + I were literally at a loss for words. I may have cried as I realized just how impactful this community can be. 

#4] Do you have advice for a new CHAARG girl? How can she make the most out of her membership?

Reach out to her – whether it be the girl next to you at your first Studio Spotlight, the girl who showed up to your small group alone, or your Ambassador/exec team. You never know the impact you may have by simply taking the time to make that first connection!

#5] What does being #inCHAARG mean to you?

To me, it means owning your life. Never forget that your actions, words, + intentions all have the ability to shape your experiences. Don’t let anyone take that from you!

#6] What’s been the hardest challenge as a post-grad?

Starting 100% fresh in a brand new city knowing only 1 other person. Making adult friendships is H A R D sometimes, but I’ve learned to continue to do things I love such as hiking, trying new restaurants, etc., even if I have to go by myself. This not only keeps me engaged with what I love but has also helped me grow as an independent individual. 

Currently, Sammi is working in eCommerce at Adidas America! Her wellness journey right now involves self-love. *Giving myself the grace to love my body no matter what. Being self critical is still something I struggle with, but I have come so far since my college days + just knowing that feels great!

You can follow Sammi’s journey of self-love by checking out her insta — @samm_frann

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