In honor of CHAARG’s 6th [!!] birthday, we asked 6 former Ambassadors to share their CHAARG journeys — in only 6 questions ; ). From their lives before CHAARG to the reasons why they became the leaders of their chapters to what they’re up to post-grad ++ so much more more, meet some of our OG CHAARG girls!

Meet Evanthia Vranas — former Indiana University CHAARG Ambassador! Evanthia heard about CHAARG through a friend on her floor freshman year, *ALISSA BECKER S/O BOSS LADY.* Alissa reached out to her saying she was trying to bring CHAARG to IU + that she needed an Exec Team ++ wanted to know if I was interested in being the VP of Membership! The rest is history ; ) 

#1] What was college + fitness like for you before CHAARG?

When I was growing up I was a competitive dancer who had always dabbled in school sports. In high school I was on 3 competitive dance teams, so when I came to college + didn’t make the school dance company I knew that my dancing days were pretty much over. Working out in a big gym with the options to lift on my own or take group classes was something I was very comfortable with so in my first semester of college I became a Group Fitness Instructor for IU Rec Sports. Quickly at school I learned that there were days where going on a solo run was what I needed, but the group support from the Fitness Classes I taught helped me stay excited about fitness.

#2] Why did you want to be a CHAARG Ambassador?

I wanted to be a CHAARG Ambassador because as VP Membership I worked very closely with our first Ambassador ((Alissa Becker)) + knew that I could continue the hard work she had begun while also adding my own flair + new ideas to CHAARG. By this time I had stopped teaching as a Group Fitness Instructor at school to solely focus on the CHAARG community, making sure to give 100% of my heart + soul to the girls who showed up week after week. I wanted to make sure that we could give the absolute best of the best + that IUCHAARG would always have an impact on the school.

#3] What’s your favorite CHAARG memory?

Receiving an email saying that IU CHAARG won the New Student Group of the Year Award at IU. This rocked all of our worlds — I remember Alissa reaching out to me in tears of happiness because all the hard work had paid off + we had done it all along to provide the best experience for our girls. After being 300 girls strong we thought we had done it all, but knowing that we had the support of the school behind us + could reach out to even more girls on an even larger platform was a dream come true. 

#4] Do you have advice for a new CHAARG girl? How can she make the most out of her membership?

Put yourself out there, break down any barriers, + be 100% the real you when you come to every CHAARG event. While CHAARG is all about creating a community of healthy + happy women on college campuses, it is also about providing a space for you to explore your own self-discovery for the best version of yourself.

#5] What does being #inCHAARG mean to you?

Being #inCHAARG means to me is taking the energy that shines inside of you + putting it towards whatever serves you most. Whether that is finding a workout that makes you feel like superwoman, learning to meditate so that you see your life more clearly, or learning how to make bomb protein smoothies so that you feel fueled up + energized throughout your days. It is about finding what is best for you + doing that day in + day out + knowing that we are continuously growing, changing, + learning. So flow with its loves, ride the energy train of life that moves you. 

#6] What’s been the hardest challenge as a post-grad?

Moving to a new city by yourself! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s so fun + freeing — you have endless possibilities of what you want to do with your time + how you want to budget your money, but I almost found that to be the hard part. I jumped from different specialty studio to studio, trying out different teachers + classes, making friends at some + not so much at others. But what I have learned from all of this is allow yourself to soul search + give yourself time. It wasn’t until my second year of living in Boston that I really started making friends in the Boston fitness community + started back up teaching Group Fitness as well as becoming barre certified. [Pssst, I still need to meet all you amazing BC, BU, + UMass CHAARG chapters]

Currently, Evanthia is a Dental Student at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor + Barre Instructor in the city of Boston. She’s currently working on fueling her body + listening to its cues. “As a dental student who also teaches on the side, my weeks AND weekends are pretty crazy busy. While I love being busy + having things to do that fulfill my happiness, I have found that I need to check back in with how I am fueling my body with food + water ((+ caffeine)) so that I don’t hit points in my day where I’m running on E.”

You can follow Evanthia’s journey through dental school by checking out her insta — @thrivewithev.

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