In honor of CHAARG’s 6th [!!] birthday, we asked 6 former Ambassadors to share their CHAARG journeys — in only 6 questions ; ). From their lives before CHAARG to the reasons why they became the leaders of their chapters to what they’re up to post-grad ++ so much more more, meet some of our OG CHAARG girls!

Meet Emelie Moeller — a former Ambassador of The Ohio State University CHAARG! She heard about CHAARG through an email blast — the VERY FIRST semester of CHAARG! She was one of the very FIRST 50 members of CHAARG — *it was love at first email* ; ).

#1] What was college + fitness like for you before CHAARG?

If I could sum up college fitness in two words, I would describe it as bland and stale. There were no variations, no spunk + no true purpose of exploring my fitness [+ life?] goals. 

#2] Why did you want to be a CHAARG Ambassador?

Through being a member for a year, I had learned so much about my fitness identity + I felt rejuvenated. Becoming ambassador was a way I could help spark a love for fitness AND oneself in others, like I had been sparked myself. To be able to impact so many college women over the course of several years is an experience that still gives me chills + humbles me to this day.

#3] What’s your favorite CHAARG memory?

Hands down doing a workout on the oval with 150 members ALL TOGETHER. Have never felt so empowered and united!

#4] Do you have advice for a new CHAARG girl? How can she make the most out of her membership?

Jump in head first + commit to more than just the fitness aspect. CHAARG is not only a place to get a good workout…it’s a place for finding a family. Being open to not just new fitness joints, but new friendships + new hangouts will help a new member truly find the best version of herself — inside + outside.

#5] What does being #inCHAARG mean to you?

Being #inCHAARG is a way of life — it’s clarity + confidence in who I am as a person — in the weight room, in a meeting at work, on the soccer field coaching. It’s being proud and rocking the moments where I’m on cloud nine, but it’s understanding + forgiving myself for moments where I’m a bit lost. Being #inCHAARG is an action lived out every day, in every moment. 

#6] What’s been the hardest challenge as a post-grad?

Finding the balance between work, workouts + personal “me” time. In college, your schedule is always changing and while there is a lot of studying, there’s also a lot of free time you get to define how you want to use. Post-grad is a lot of time at work with trying to find a balance between working out, hobbies, + downtime. Getting into a rhythm and having a set schedule was key in unlocking post-grad success.

Currently, Emelie is an operations analyst at L Brands. *CHAARG hands down paved the way for my growth as a leader. I currently work with a large team and have several direct reports — being a CHAARG ambassador has taught me to embrace the differences of people + find a deeper meaning to relationships than just executing to complete tasks.* Emelie’s wellness journey now is about working on forgiving herself more often — she’s also planning to complete her first half Iron Man in the next 1 – 1.5 years! 

You can follow Emelie’s journey of Iron Man training ; ) by checking out her insta — @emelie_moeller.

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