In honor of CHAARG’s 6th [!!] birthday, we asked 6 former Ambassadors to share their CHAARG journeys — in only 6 questions ; ). From their lives before CHAARG to the reasons why they became the leaders of their chapters to what they’re up to post-grad ++ so much more more, meet some of our OG CHAARG girls!

Meet Claudia Pagán University of Maryland’s founding Ambassador! She applied to bring CHAARG to her university during freshman year + she was the first freshman Ambassador for CHAARG. 

#1] What was college + fitness like for you before CHAARG?

I already had a routine, but I wanted to find a group of girls who shared my passion for fitness.

#2] Why did you want to be a CHAARG Ambassador?

I wanted to help girls break out of their usual routines of forcing themselves to go to the gym + spending an hour a day on cardio machines. I loved CHAARG’s motto of *liberating girls from the elliptical*. There was nothing like this on campus so I knew girls would love being able to meet up and work out in a setting where everyone is comfortable with each other.

#3] What’s your favorite CHAARG memory?

Bringing CHAARG to UMD! I was so nervous to apply, but I just had to take that leap — I’m really glad I did.

#4] Do you have advice for a new CHAARG girl? How can she make the most out of her membership?

College is a time when people are very self-conscious so finding an accepting group is good!

#5] What does being #inCHAARG mean to you?

Being #inCHAARG means OWNING your life. It means understanding life isn’t easy + it will challenge you, but also knowing you’re strong enough to push through it. It means being surrounded by some of the most beautiful souls in the world who are there to support you. It means knowing that it’s okay to enjoy life without feeling guilty about the little things – so enjoy those treats or lazy days because #balance 😉 It means enjoying those uncomfortable moments in your life because they’re going to change you for the better. It means embracing unfamiliar territories because trying new things bring this indescribable happiness when we push our limits.

#6] What’s been the hardest challenge as a post-grad?

The hardest challenge has definitely been getting to the gym – something many of us struggle with as a post-grad. Working in the sports industry means my days can be very long, and weekends off are never a guarantee. Just this past week I had a 16 hour work day – CRAZY RIGHT?! There are some days where working out is the last thing I want to do because curling up in bed with comfy clothes on sounds much more appealing, but I quickly found out how much skipping the gym impacts me.  

Currently, Claudia is working for Maryland Athletics as a Production Assistant. Her wellness goal right now is working on maintaining her gym schedule. *I hit the gym at 7 a.m. before work. What gets me up in the mornings for the gym is knowing how AMAZING + ENERGETIC I feel for the rest of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of my day!*

You can follow Claudia’s adventures on-camera + behind the scenes at her job through her insta — @claudiampagan.

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