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As someone who *loves* podcasts, I have been a loyal listener of the CHAARG podcast from the beginning! Tagging along with Elisabeth + her guests has been such an incredible way to explore all aspects of health, wellness, fitness, business, post-grad life + so much more. The interviews are so insightful, relatable, touch on so many things the CHAARG community both values + is curious about. In honor of Mental Health Month, we wanted to compile a list of our favorite episodes that are all about mental health!

#15] Sarah Clem: Working With Depression — An Illness Of Loneliness 

Why I Love It — Sarah is SO open + honest about her experiences! I love hearing her story in such a raw + natural way. It is so inspiring to hear how Sarah was truly able to *work with* her depression + continue to lead the way in CHAARG.

#16] Simi Botic: Healing Your Relationship With Food

Why I Love It — Simi is incredible! Listening to her journey with her relationship with food + movement is so insightful. She sheds light on issues that so many of us in the CHAARG community have gone through. When she describes her experiences as a holistic health coach + the programs she provides perfectly explain what it is like to be a professional in wellness!

#18] Sarah Jankowski: Working with Anxiety — Fear Of The Future

Why I Love It — Sarah’s episode opens up with a perfect description of how so many people suffer with their mental health issues before seeking help. I loved how Sarah detailed exactly what she was able to do to find support on campus + how that professional help made a difference in her life.

#35] Tori Norris: Introversion, Body Image + Changing Careers

Why I Love It — Tori’s episode is a personal favorite in general! She touches on so many challenging aspects of college + post-grad that we all have gone through. My favorite part was hearing about how she was able to navigate her career changes + prioritize herself after all of these years. A “must listen to” for sure!

#37] Eve Horbol: Mental Health, Working for CHAARG, Lululemon, + Nike, ++ Intuition

Why I Love It — Eve’s story is just hands down SO COOL. She has had so many interesting opportunities + positions ++ hearing her describe them was fascinating. She + Elisabeth totally *click* throughout the episode ++ listening to their interview felt like a conversation with a friend.

#67] Monique Volz: @AmbitiousKitchen, Recipe Creation, + Mental Health

Why I Love It — I love all things about the @AmbitiousKitchen — so I knew this was going to be a favorite! Monique shares her insights into the lifestyle of an influencer + food blog by providing just enough detail to keep the magic alive. Her journey with prioritizing her mental health is so encouraging as she reminds us all how important it is to take care of ourselves.

#68] Jacq Gould: The F Word, Eating Disorders, + Your Inner Babe

Why I Love It — I loved hearing how Jacq was able to overcome her eating disorder + use the lessons she learned to start her own business. My favorite part of the episode was hearing ‘a day in the life’ of Jacq + how to make working for yourself work for you

#69] Staying Mentally Fit + All Things Mental Health 

Why I Love It — It’s a live podcast — how could we not love it? The conversation on the podcast included a range of voices speaking on issues such as anxiety, depression + disordered eating. I loved how the panelists touched on how to support loved ones facing mental health challenges + how you can ask for help too.

#93] Alissa Becker: Anxiety, Therapy + Career Transitions

Why I Love It — I loved hearing Alissa’s story + advice about finding support in every season of your life. She shares her experiences with finding a therapists + how she even became a mental health professional! It is so inspiring to hear how *pretty much everyone* can benefit from taking the time to work on themselves.

#110] Julie Ohlemacher: Health at Every Size, Set Point Weight Theory, + Anti Diet

Why I Love It — One word: Julie! Listening to Julie’s story about her journey throughout college + how she healed her relationship with food + movement was incredible. She has amazing insights + advice into cultivating a positive relationship with yourself in order to be the best version of yourself.

#121] Anais Dominguez: CHAARG Journey, Social Media, Boundaries, + Mental Health

Why I Love It — Anais’s take on boundaries is so refreshing! We don’t take enough time to really think about setting intentional limits with ourselves + those in our lives in order to feel balanced + full. I loved hearing Elisabeth + Anais explore how it has influenced Anais’s life + how you can set boundaries in your life.

#129] Laura Thomas: Healing From Greif, Contract With The Universe + The Magic Of Well-Being

Why I Love It — Laura’s story is so heartfelt you can’t not love this episode. She shares her experiences with grief + loss in an open, honest, + raw fashion in a way that after listening — you feel like you know her personally.

#139] Romantic Relationships: Love Languages, Codependency, + Navigating Mental Health As A Couple

Why I Love It — Ahh we love all three of the episodes that feature the Laura + Adrian! My favorite part about the episode + their relationship was hearing about their balance with them both chasing their dreams + prioritizing their relationship. We can all learn so much from their advice on cultivating relationships to last!

New episodes every Tuesday! Listen on Spotify + iTunes! Be sure to share your favorite podcasts with us in the comments below or on Instagram using #TheCHAARGPodcast 

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