CHAARG is currently at 100+ universities. We are on a mission to liberate girls from the elliptical + make fitness fun. Every week, our Chapters partner with their campus rec centers + local studios to showcase different ways of working out! Chapters also create a community that empowers women to go to their campus rec center together through Small Groups. These are groups of 5-15 girls that go to their campus rec center together + utilize different resources that the rec has to offer such as fitness classes, the weight room, + more! 

How CHAARG impacts college campuses

We collected data from 1,113 survey respondents over a 4 week period in fall 2019. Our survey sample represented 25 universities across the united states who have had CHAARG on their campus anywhere from 1 semester to 7 years. Here is what we found.. 

How often do you utilize your campus rec center?

Do you take classes at your campus rec center?

Are you comfortable using the weight room?

Here’s what rec centers are saying:

As a full time staff member within Clemson’s Campus Recreation department I have felt the impact of CHAARG on our campus. I have heard from numerous student employees working within our facilities that they are a part of CHAARG. The enthusiasm + passion among the members of CHAARG that I have interacted with has been encouraging. It’s been a wonderful community that many of our group fitness instructors have become a part of.

— Brooke Beidler
Assistant Director of Group Fitness at University of Clemson


“Pitt CHAARG is the most incredible student organization I’ve worked with over the past (4) years. To see your passion to support + equip the next generation of women leaders through physical, mental, + emotional wellness is incredible. I am so thankful the University of Pittsburgh has strong women advocating for those who need support.”

— Samuel Hearn
Coordinator of Competitive + Recreational Sports at University of Pittsburgh

Here’s what CHAARG girls are saying:

How has CHAARG impacted your confidence + body positivity?

Not on your campus yet? Get in touch with us!

We’d love to start a CHAARG Chapter on your campus. Students from universities can apply year round. We’d love to learn more about your campus + work together to getting a CHAARG Chapter established!




Here’s what CHAARG members are saying…


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