Virginia’s CHAARG Journey: I am in Training + I Refuse to Give Up

When I began #runCHAARG, I had my sites set on the 31 miles in 31 days.

My journey started out tough. I would get discouraged if I couldn’t run the entire mile — I thought that I would barely make the 31 miles + I contemplated giving up. Then, about a week into the challenge, I realized I was in training. Not for a race — but for 2015. 2015 is our year. [#YearOfTheBolt]

I realized that it won’t come easy. It takes mental toughness, strength [mind, body, + soul], + a passion for improvement. Making 2015 my year doesn’t mean I have to be the best, it means I need to try my hardest, + accept that there is no such thing as failure, only a chance to try again tomorrow. I learned all of this during #runCHAARG, during my 40 miles — during my training.

After changing my mindset, I became determined. I slowed my pace for weather + learned that a slower pace was the pace I needed to run to complete my miles. I started increasing my distance + learned that the only thing that was stopping me was my mind. I started my Whole30 journey shortly after the start of #runCHAARG + learned what foods fueled my body + helped me complete my workouts. I had confidence in myself — nothing was going to stop me.

There are so many highlights of #runCHAARG. For one, I hit my goal of 31 miles early! Going from very few miles per month to 40 miles in January alone feels amazing. I ran my farthest distance ever [4 miles!], did something I’ve never heard of before [fartlek], + ran a 5K one day because I thought it would be fun! I even ran myself into a real pair of running shoes. I ran into a new me + now, I’m unstoppable.

Right before #runCHAARG, I graduated from Ohio University, moved to Columbus, + started a job. I was nervous about losing habits I had while I was in school. Now, I am happier + healthier than ever! I have created better habits for myself, + am creating a lifestyle I enjoy. All of this is a result of my training: I gained mental toughness, strength, + a passion for improvement. I would use my runs to reflect on my day, what I want to accomplish that evening, + that week. My runs were a time for me to relax + think — something I learned that I needed.

Everyone around me is amazed to hear what I have done. 40 miles in 31 days is something I am very proud of. Everyone I tell congratulates me, + are so happy to hear about my progress. I’m the crazy running girl ++ I love it!

I have absolutely fallen in love with running — something I never thought I would say. The cold was hard, but so worth it after achieving my goals. I didn’t realize this before, but running in the rain is actually really refreshing. I will say I prefer the warmth, but the feeling of knowing that I am in control is why I love running. I can’t believe how far I’ve come – it is amazing what motivation can do. Knowing that I was making improvements was all of the motivation I needed.

It is amazing what I have learned, + what I am still learning. I am proud of myself, + every CHAARG girl. #runCHAARG may be over, but I’m a runner ++ I’m not done running.



I became an official #CHAARGWeekendWarrior, I ran my farthest distance + longest time with no stops, I passed the goal of 31 miles in 31 days, + I proved myself wrong. When #runCHAARG first started, I told myself “Just get the 31 miles. You aren’t a runner, that’ll be good enough”. About halfway through #runCHAARG, I figured out that it wasn’t good enough — that I didn’t want to settle. Today, I’m at 32 miles with a week left. When I saw that the Weekend Warrior Challenge included 4 miles, I thought *no way*. I even told my boyfriend I’d probably end up walking. I proved myself wrong again — I ran the entire 4 miles. It wasn’t easy, but SO worth it. My advice? Never tell yourself you can’t, because you always can!

+Virgina [@virigina_inchaarg], Virt CHAARG

#CHAARGJourney highlights our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, emotionally. Virginia was one of the five winners of the #runCHAARG 31 miles in 31 days challenge. We could not be more proud of all of her accomplishments [seriously look at all of her *medals* earned through Nike+!] ++ cannot wait to continue to follow her journey!

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