Kelsey’s CHAARG Journey: Changing Perspectives

The CHAARG FitPlan pushed me to change my perspective of working out, + more importantly, my perspective of myself.

Let me tell you a little story…

I was in the third grade + was riding the bus home from school. I was a chubby kid + never stood up for myself + a particular group of older boys liked to poke fun at me when they got the chance. On this day I remember so vividly, one of them laughed + said to me *your teeth are so gapped I could kick a field goal through them!* Looking back, I laugh too [thank goodness for braces, am I right?] but at the time, I was mortified.

Growing up, like a lot of girls, I had a less than stellar body-image. I didn’t endure any horrific or prolonged bullying, but instances like the one on the bus as a third-grader definitely contributed to the lack of confidence, respect + love I had for my body for the majority of my adolescent life.

Even as a swimmer in high school, at the lowest weight I have ever been, I still looked in the mirror + hated my body. I always saw my waist as too large, my thighs as too bulky, my shoulders as too broad + my chest as too small. I was far from kind to myself + always my own worst critic.

Before the CHAARG FitPlan, my motivation for getting to the gym was never for myself. I wanted to look a certain way to please others, in hopes that I would be more desirable + people would think more highly of me. I wanted to look skinny + fit. I would workout to *cancel out* the calories of an indulgent meal. Every step I took in health + fitness was for all of the wrong reasons.



[my CHAARG FitPlan journey in pictures, after all a picture is worth 1,000 words : )]

Thanks to the CHAARG FitPlan, I stopped working out to LOOK good + started to workout because it made me FEEL good.

Before the FitPlan, I rarely looked forward to going to the gym. Over the past 6 weeks, that has completely changed. I now see my workouts as zen time for myself.

I have grown to appreciate my body + all that it is capable of…

I am thankful for my waistline, for it has carried me through many burning ab circuits.

I am thankful for my *bulky* thighs, for they have helped me to jump higher + push harder than ever before.

My shoulders have become champions of the pushup.

I appreciate my small chest, as it is never a burden during a run.

The CHAARG FitPlan made me truly fall [head over heels] in love with fitness. One of my goals starting out was to crush every single workout — down to the very last rep. I am so proud to say that I did exactly that, + more importantly — I did it for myself.

+ Kelsey [@kels_chaarg], OSU CHAARG

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