Ganzai’s CHAARG Journey: From Fear to Love

CHAARG Fall FitPlan — it was more than just 6 weeks for me, it was a journey. The CHAARG FitPlan pushed me to stop doing things out of FEAR + to start doing things out of LOVE.

I’ve come to realize people do things from just two types of motivation: love + fear. If you’re doing things out of fear are you truly doing them for yourself? Or for the fear of what others may think?

This is what I did for the longest time. Doing things out of fear is scary, + left me in a very sad place for a long time. Before freshman year of college, I was terrified of going to college + becoming FAT. I worked with a personal trainer + got into the best shape of my life.

But since it was out of fear, well, you guessed it, I gained the weight back FAST. I gained the weight back quickly because my intentions were all wrong. The weight loss + muscle gains didn’t truly mean anything because it was for all the wrong reasons. Everything else that came after that had fear dragging to it.

When these 6 weeks of the CHAARG FitPlan were announced, I said to myself — Emily this is your time. I won’t lie — the first few weeks I revolved around the scale… wondering the number, wondering when I would hit that *magic* number.

The more I stuck to the schedule, the more my eyes became open to how amazing it felt to do something for me. I began to fall in love with the feeling. I then began to fall in love with my legs. + then my tummy. ++ then, I fell in love with myself.

I wasn’t seeing drastic changes physically, it was MENTALLY + EMOTIONALLY. I was starting to do things out of love + not fear. I love the confidence I have gained. I love being comfortable with my body. I love feeling healthy + strong. + mostly, I truly love that I stopped fearing + started loving.

This is my own personal love story. It’s unique + dynamic. It’s selfish + selfless. It’s beautiful + imperfect. + in the end, it makes me REAL + PROUD. In the end, yes — I lost 8 pounds. A weight I haven’t been at since freshman year. The excitement was unreal when I found this out, but the real excitement truly came from loving myself again. So thank you CHAARG, you’ve helped me fall in love with myself + to learn not to do things out of fear anymore.


Just a few days after the CHAARG FitPlan, Ganzai posted this photo with the caption:

If you asked me to post a picture like this 8 weeks ago, I would have spit water in your face, but I’m currently loving my body. I’m loving the process of reaching my goals + taking each day to put the work in. Yeah, it’s definitely not easy + I definitely fall down some steps, but being more hopeful makes me love my journey more. Trust yourself to take the little steps you’ll learn to appreciate, so one day you can love the big steps.

+ Ganzai [ganzai_inCHAARG], Purdue CHAARG

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