Brooke’s CHAARG Journey: I can. I am. I will.

I can. I am. I will. 

These three, simple + unfinished phrases may seem like nothing to any random person who stumbles upon them — but to me, they mean so much more.

Picture a normal girl with a long list of insecurities + a number of nights where she cried herself to sleep alone wondering if tomorrow would bring a better day.

Now, picture a strong girl who has a long list of things she loves about herself + a number of nights where she smiles as she falls asleep wondering how tomorrow could possibly be better.

Both girls are me at different times in my life with different reasons as to why I was in the place I was.

The first version of me was last fall, I was lost + I felt alone — partially because I lost a part of who I was when I injured my back + could no longer workout while in recovery, + I hated myself for that, along with hating my body. I couldn’t find my place on campus + I couldn’t find a single soul who understood me.

Fast forward to Spring Semester 2014, I find CHAARG. Fast forward to the Spring Break FitPlan, I lost 15 pounds. Fast forward to summer, I knew I had found my place, my second family, my college experience, my passion, my fitness, + some true friends. Fast forward to now, the second version of me, + the end of my third FitPlan + the third segment of my journey with CHAARG — I am changed.

I’ve gained five pounds [of muscle] since last Spring + I’m proud of that.

Physically, I’ve never been in better shape + I have never felt more confident in myself + my body than I do today.

Mentally, I am a completely new person.

I used to put a lot of my happiness into the hands of others because of mental walls I had built throughout my life keeping myself from being confident + loving myself. The walls were so high that I never saw a way out + let the harsh words of others imprint into my mind + determine what I thought of myself. I had trapped myself into a vicious cycle of hating myself + my body, + it wasn’t just affecting my fitness, but my everyday life as well.

During this Fit Plan, I broke that cycle.


I can run a mile under 9 minutes. I can hold a forearm stand. I can be an inspiration for other girls. I can do anything I put my mind towards.


I am passionate. I am curious. I am creative. I am beautiful. I am unique. I am imperfect. ++  I LOVE MYSELF.


I will run a half marathon. I will love myself + others around me. I will do 50 push-ups. I will do anything that I believe I can do.

Yes, I am changed. Is this the end? No.

This is just the very beginning.

// I owe you a huge personal thank you. Without CHAARG, I would be lonely + lost. Without the three FitPlans I’ve participated in, I would not have made as much progress or lost 15 pounds [or gained five pounds of muscle]. Without all of the work you do for us, there would be many other girls like me without the support system, inspiration, or friends that they need. //

. . .

This isn’t my “before + after” ++ this isn’t my “end results” — this is my progress. This is a journey I’m on that will never stop. There is no after, there is no end, because it’s always a work in progress. I’m so proud of myself for even coming this far with not only with physical, but emotional + mental progress as well. Thank you CHAARG + Share It Fitness + all of my inspirational CHAARG girls for helping me along the way!

+ Brooke [@brooke__inchaarg], UT CHAARG

Join us this CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan ++ get ready for the best journey of your life — the journey to push yourself, challenge yourself, + better yourself every day to let the beautiful, wild + free you shine. All you need to do is believe. Believe in your own magic — believe in yourself. Dive in — this is the beginning of anything you want. // *must be a CHAARG girl to participate — join the movement here.

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