A CHAARG Girl’s Guide to Surviving Midterms

Happy October + happy #MidtermSeason ; ). This is undoubtedly one of the most stressful parts of the semester + it’s easy to get discouraged but we’re here with some of our favorite study tips, self care activities, + motivation for you to finish the semester strong! Check out our midterm survival guide below.

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1] Get a study group together — But don’t just socialize! Utilizing your peers can be a great way to study, but it is important to ensure you’re staying on task. Compare notes, complete assignments together, + prep for your next exam, because you know what they say: two [or three, or four] brains are better than one!

2] Give yourself breaks — This is one of the best ways to stay productive + on task, whether you’re studying solo or with friends. We recommend trying out the Pomodoro Technique, in which you get a 5 minute break every 25 minutes, with a longer 15-20 minute break after about four cycles. This has been proven to increase productivity levels + there are many apps that can guide you through it.

3] Re-interpret them — that doesn’t mean just re-write them! Make charts, concept maps, or even a presentation of the material. If you master it so well that you’re able to teach it to someone else, you’ll be all set for your exam!

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1] Snack smart — Don’t load up on junk food while studying, as tempting as it can be. A ton of sugar will only get you jittery + distracted. Try some more natural energy sources + some healthy snacks, such as trail mix, berries, yogurt, popcorn, or pretzels.

2] Study in a relaxing environment — Find a quiet corner in the library or at a coffee shop. Don’t overstimulate yourself by trying to study + retain information in a stressful environment, such as a busy dining hall at lunch time. 

3] Treat yourself afterwards — Do something passive that doesn’t require a lot of thinking like curling up to watch a movie, taking a bath, or simply slowing down

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1] Stick to your routine [or create one!] — Keeping the same routine is the best way to stay on the path to success, even when it gets tough. If you don’t already have one, it’s never too late! Invest in a planner + get to work! For tips on creating + sticking to a routine, click here.

2] Make it fun — Continue study groups with friends beyond midterm season, create a great productivity playlist, or get some cute new school supplies to spice up your routine!

3] Focus on your goals — Or create some new ones! Remembering why you’re in school + what you’re working towards can be all you need to get motivated again. If you’re in need of some fresh goals to get excited about, check out our tips on goal setting here.

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