A CHAARG Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Homesickness

Feeling homesick in college is something that is often not talked about because sometimes, people who experience it are embarrassed by it. Especially during freshman year, homesickness is very common + should be talked about more. It is completely normal + okay to miss your friends ++ family at home while you’re away at school, but it is also important not to let this take away from your college experience! Here are our tips for staying positive while dealing with homesickness in college.

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1] Don’t call home [or go home!] too often This will make you feel worse! Distancing yourself a little will help you to feel more independent, + it will also help you to stay more present in your life at school.

2] Make your dorm room or apartment feel more homey This can be as small bringing a favorite stuffed animal or other comforting object from home or you can go bigger by turning your room into a home-like sanctuary. Create ambience by using soft string lights + make your space smell good. We love candles for use in apartments + houses, but since they’re prohibited in most dorm rooms, we recommend an essential oil diffuser.

3] Declutter your space This goes hand in hand with making your room feel more homey. Having a ton of clutter can stress you out + make your space feel like a place that feels temporary + not great to live in. Check out our favorite decluttering tips here

4] Hang up photos of your family + friends Seeing the faces of the people that you’re missing when you walk into your room at the end of the day can be just the pick-me-up you need when you’re feeling homesick. Check out more of our dorm room decorating tips here!

5] Surround yourself with loving + supportive friends This is the biggest thing that will make your transition to college easier. As well as providing a nice distraction, these meaningful relationships will begin to make your university feel a lot more like home. Still looking for your girl gang? Join CHAARG at your university or learn how to start a chapter here ; ).


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