CHAARG FitPlans Don’t Fail

“Diets don’t fail. We fail at diets. Saving plans don’t fail. We fail at saving plans. Exercise routines don’t fail. We fail at exercise routines. Relationships don’t fail. We fail at relationships. This may seem harsh, but until we face this difficult truth, we will never seriously ask the really important questions that loom in the back of our minds: Why do I fail every time I go on a diet? Why can’t I stick to my budget + savings plan? Why can’t I be consistent about working out? Why am I constantly in + out of relationships? + so on.”

This is an excerpt from one of the books I am currently reading + I thought it was so relevant to this time of the year — the time when most people are still riding the *new year resolutions* high [or have you already fallen off?]. The book talks about how it’s important to start asking ourselves these tough questions, + once we do, we will discover another fundamental truth about the whole process of change: People don’t fail because they want to fail. [#duh]

Whether your current goals fall in the health + wellness category, or maybe another area: relationships, finances, career, spirituality, etc — most of us have a hunger to improve ourselves in some capacity. So why can it be so difficult to change + create healthy habits that become a part of us?

I think it comes down to four reasons:

#1] We set way too high of goals.
#2] We set too many goals [I’m totally guilty of this] #3] We set goals that don’t really have a strong *why* behind them.
#4] We aren’t enjoying the journey. Ultimately, I think the last one is the most important for change… we must enjoy the journey. We must enjoy life! : ) [So much more on all of this… but it’s for another post!]

My mission is to empower every woman to live a happy + healthy life. Through CHAARG, we give you the tools — but ultimately, you are the one who must take charge of your health, your happiness, your relationships, your career, your spirituality, your life!

I never want to tell you guys something you don’t already know. ++ I don’t want to tell you to do something that you don’t truly have a desire to do! CHAARG is about finding your fit, ++ that *fit* is different for everyone.

We created CHAARG FitPlans for girls looking for a workout program that they can incorporate into their routine [all workouts are 45 minutes or less], + even more importantly: that they can commit to with one thousand other girls [ACCOUNTABILITY <3]. The challenges + giveaways are just an added bonus ; ).

For those of you who are thinking about taking on #CHAARG35 [our newest FitPlan!] — I encourage you guys to spend some time journaling:

What would be life look like if I fully committed myself to the CHAARG 35?

Do you want to become closer to more likeminded women? Do you want to become more familiar with the weight room? Do you want to have a five week workout routine, so you don’t even have to think about what workout you are going to do every day? Do you want to love your body more?

CHAARG FitPlans don’t fail. We fail at CHAARG FitPlans. ++ I think for a lot of us, it’s because we aren’t enjoying the journey. We aren’t using the support of our community to get to know one another… we aren’t speaking up to ask questions or modifications [or how to turn it up ; )]… we aren’t making our health the priority that it needs to be. I’ve talked to so many women who have said that they’ve “failed” at 2–3 FitPlans, until they finally decided to COMMIT fully to a FitPlan. Once they did this, the game changed.

So, are you ready to commit? Join us for the #CHAARG35 here! If you have a question, please send to!

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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