Our Favorite Natural Face Masks

Face masks are something we put on when we need a self care moment, a little ReCHAARG, or if we’re working to soften our skin. Whether it be for the size of our pores, our skin getting dry [...]

Mushrooms on the Brain

Although mushrooms being a “fungus” may turn some people off, this adaptogenic superfood is loaded with nutritional value. They are low in calories + are the only item in the produce [...]

4 Nutrition Myths Busted

Are you following all the nutrition trends in the health world? So much information is thrown out there without any data backing it up. A lot of these myths are old + are now being seen as new [...]

Celery Juice: Miracle Food or Fad?

Have you heard of celery juicing + ever wondered what it’s all about? Celery juicing is a new trend started by Anthony William, the author of Medical Medium. William claims that his celery juice [...]

Your Guide to All Things Oil

Oils can be used for a wide array of uses — from cooking, to body wellness, to aesthetic scents. With such a wide assortment of oils to choose from, it can be intimidating to know which [...]

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