Mushrooms on the Brain

Although mushrooms being a “fungus” may turn some people off, this adaptogenic superfood is loaded with nutritional value. They are low in calories + are the only item in the produce [...]

4 Nutrition Myths Busted

Are you following all the nutrition trends in the health world? So much information is thrown out there without any data backing it up. A lot of these myths are old + are now being seen as new [...]

Celery Juice: Miracle Food or Fad?

Have you heard of celery juicing + ever wondered what it’s all about? Celery juicing is a new trend started by Anthony William, the author of Medical Medium. William claims that his celery juice [...]

28 Of My Favorite Things, Part 2

Hi! If you haven’t read Part 1, check it out here. Now onto Part 2 of 28 things that I’ve implemented this year that have made a big difference in my life… #15] Taking my vitamins ((+ getting [...]

10 Small Ways to Be More Green

We all want to be more sustainable, but sometimes as college students + young adults, we opt for quick + easily- accessible items vs. quality + environmentally friendly ones. While some of us may [...]

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