10 Minute [Boo]ty-licious Burn

While prepping for another Halloween, carve out 10 minutes in your day for this [boo]ty-licious burn! This can be a great workout for your dorm [no jumping required] or an addition to your daily [...]

Poolside Plank

This is another great workout to do outdoors — you don’t even need a set of weights! : ) Complete the circuit 3X, paying attention to the rest after each superset… it decreases throughout [...]

Heat Iit Up

 Grab a jump rope, a mat + head outside for some SPRINTS today! I encourage you to do a few *test* 30 seconds sprints. Find that *sweet spot* where it’s a challenging distance to complete in 30 [...]

Ocean Obliques

Today’s core workout is a plank circuit! You can either do your choice of plank for each circuit… or, you can follow this routine: First Round — Plank // Second Round — Right Side [...]

Sizzle Circuit

Happy Workout Weds! Run through the full body circuit with only 10 seconds in between each exercise, one minute rest after each circuit. You’ll rest for one minute at the very end of the circuit. [...]

Crop Top Circuit

Get ready for a lot of obliques… your side abs are going to be feeling it after this sweat sesh! Feel free to break up the 1 minute planks into two 30 second planks, rest 15 seconds in [...]

Spring Superset

Grab a jump rope + set of DBs ++ let’s spring to the gym ; ) Today’s workout focuses on back//bi’s + cardio. Similarly to previous DB workouts — we want you to use the same weight for all [...]