2 Booty Band Workouts Under 10 Minutes

Mini resistance bands [or as we like to call them, booty bands ; )] are awesome tools to help take your workouts to the next level. I love incorporating booty bands into mini-strength workouts [...]

8 Dorm-Friendly CHAARG Workouts

As school starts up again + we make our move back to school, it can be difficult to adjust ++ start off the year with good habits. Many universities have rec/fitness centers, but it is not always [...]

The One Where You Get a Good Workout

It’s easy to lose motivation to workout in the summer. Between working, traveling, + catching up with friends, there isn’t much time for anything else. Nevertheless, there is always enough time [...]

10 Minute [Boo]ty-licious Burn

While prepping for another Halloween, carve out 10 minutes in your day for this [boo]ty-licious burn! This can be a great workout for your dorm [no jumping required] or an addition to your daily [...]

Poolside Plank

This is another great workout to do outdoors — you don’t even need a set of weights! : ) Complete the circuit 3X, paying attention to the rest after each superset… it decreases throughout [...]

Heat Iit Up

 Grab a jump rope, a mat + head outside for some SPRINTS today! I encourage you to do a few *test* 30 seconds sprints. Find that *sweet spot* where it’s a challenging distance to complete in 30 [...]

Ocean Obliques

Today’s core workout is a plank circuit! You can either do your choice of plank for each circuit… or, you can follow this routine: First Round — Plank // Second Round — Right Side [...]

Crop Top Circuit

Get ready for a lot of obliques… your side abs are going to be feeling it after this sweat sesh! Feel free to break up the 1 minute planks into two 30 second planks, rest 15 seconds in [...]

Positive Core

Your vibes attract your tribe — so it’s important to try to always radiate positive vibes. Nothing worth having comes easy ++ that includes having a happy + healthy mindset. The voice [...]

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