5 Outdoor Sweat Seshes: No Equipment Necessary

While having access to a quality gym with high-end equipment has its perks, it is not always a practical option for people trying to start their fitness journeys [or during the summer while you [...]

How to Find Your Yoga Flow at Home

One of the amazing things about CHAARG [+ FitPlans like the #CHAARG35!] is how each of us has the opportunity to find our fit, even if we can’t make it to the gym! It can be difficult to make it [...]

Sweat Sesh We Love: Boxing

One of the most amazing things about CHAARG girls is that no two of us are alike — we are a group of 6000+ women with diverse backgrounds + interests. But there is one thing we have in common — [...]

Crop Top Circuit

Get ready for a lot of obliques… your side abs are going to be feeling it after this sweat sesh! Feel free to break up the 1 minute planks into two 30 second planks, rest 15 seconds in [...]

Tank Tone

Happy #WorkoutWeds! It’s tank top season + this is an arm pumping sweat sesh that will make you want to flex all day afterwards : ). Grab a set of dumbbells — resting 20 seconds after [...]

Bolt Babe

Callin’ all BOLT BABES — be prepared to sweat. This workout is set up a little bit differently than anything we’ve done before [#adventures]. Each *combo* [set of two exercises] is 90 [...]

Sun Burst

It’s #WorkoutWeds + we are going to train insane today ; ). This workout is very challenging — but rest assured, you’ll feel awesome afterwards. Get out a tape measurer [seriously…] + find [...]

Booty Werk

Happy Hump Day! Today [+ every Wednesday] is all about the BOOTAY. Today’s sweat sesh consists of supersets — you will complete two exercises, back to back, with no rest. Once you finish [...]

Sparkle Circuit

You are beautiful inside + out… it’s time to CELEBRATE your beauty! We say this a lot, but it’s so true: SWEAT IS SEXY! When we sweat… we sparkle ; ) ++ now let’s get after the SPARKLE CIRCUIT. [...]

Fuel Fly

This sweat sesh is an uptempo circuit focusing on BIS + TRIS. Reps are a little lower, so if you feel like you can bump up the weight, go for it! BRING. IT. ON. EXERCISES Complete 4X, 1 minute [...]

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