PB+J Smoothie Bowl

  Smoothies just might be the most convenient breakfast out there + though serving such a perfect meal in a new container may take away from the *to-go factor*, there are some upsides ; [...]

Raspberry Orange Smoothie

Pumpkin may be the most well know flavor of fall, but orange is a close second fav [especially if you have a sweet tooth ; )]. Packed with protein + vitamin C, this sweet + tart smoothie is great [...]

Tropical Twist Smoothie

INGREDIENTS PINEAPPLE//MANGO MIX 1 cup Frozen Pineapple 1 cup Frozen Mango 1.5 cups Coconut Water BLUEBERRY MIX 1 cup Frozen Blueberries 1 cup Coconut Water COCONUT ALMOND TOPPING ½ cup Almonds 1 [...]

Green Coconut Smoothie

  With the CHAARG BOOTYCAMP beginning, we thought it’d only be fitting to give you guys a recipe for a nutrient packed green smoothie! If you’re still a little skeptical about [...]

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