Slow Down, ReCHAARG, + Enjoy Life

Between school//work, social engagements, workouts, + CHAARG, we’re always go-go-go. While it’s good to be productive, it’s important to take a moment to slow down + #reCHAARG. Constantly pushing [...]

Flow Fixes

Alright, ladies — it’s time for some period talk! It’s something no one really likes to talk about, but periods can tell you a lot about your overall health, so it’s important to get in [...]

The Truth About Accutane

I’ve struggled with acne as long as I can remember — when my first pimple popped up on my face as early as fourth grade, I distinctly remember my mom teaching me how to use Stridex [...]

Podcasts for Intentional Living

Getting tired of your current Spotify playlist or want to listen to something with more intention? Make the switch to podcasts instead! Podcasts can be a great way to stay entertained + learn [...]

Learning the Language of Self Love

Research states that with ten hours of practice a day, basic fluency of a language can be achieved in about 48 days. 10 hours a day for 48 days is not a short time span!  How often do we practice [...]