Hooked On The Tony Kool Aid

Where do I begin? Let’s begin with — I attended Tony Robbin’s Unleash The Power Within last weekend* ((*the event is FOUR days — literally, 10 AM to Midnight…. with one 15–30 minute break)). Wow, [...]

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Human?

Take your journal out, + meditate on this for a few minutes — what does it mean to be a good human? Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you imagine a good human? What qualities, [...]

Vitamins I Take Daily

Disclaimer — as you guys know, but I just want to say it in case: consult your doctor! These are the vitamins that work for my own body. In January 2017, I scheduled an appointment with an [...]


There’s going to be a way more exciting CHAARG Bootycamp Q+A on The CHAARG Podcast with multiple people on it, aka not just me writing questions + then answering them myself ; ). That podcast [...]

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