CHAARG FitPlans Don’t Fail

“Diets don’t fail. We fail at diets. Saving plans don’t fail. We fail at saving plans. Exercise routines don’t fail. We fail at exercise routines. Relationships don’t fail. We fail at [...]


The word “abundance” has been showing up a lot — in my thoughts, in yoga classes, in books that I’m reading. Funny enough, I’ve been trying to simplify my life these past few months, so I was [...]

Feeling The “Dead”

I’m not sure where to start this story. I guess, to start, I will give you a bit of background — one of my classmates, John [*named changed] from K-8 ((aka, when we were babies)) died of a drug [...]

5 *Little Things* To Enjoy Every Day

One of my favorite parts about writing is reading my old posts + getting a glimpse into what my life was like in that moment in time. Sometimes, my “younger” self shares advice to my current [...]