No Rush November — Recap

Wow, wow, wow. I loved No Rush November so much that I’m bringing it into December… with some added guidelines ; ). But first, I know you are all dying to know… how did No Rush November go?! [ps: [...]

No Rush November

It’s here! My November experiment! 2017 = No Input November, 2018 = No Coffee November, This Year = No Rush November! What does “no rush” mean? To be honest, I’m still figuring it out. This past [...]

28 Ways I’ve Grown In My 28th Year

Another year around the sun [almost — August 31 ; )]. Surprise, surprise — I’m reflecting! One of my favorite cliche quotes is: “Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, + [...]

CHAARG’s Guide to Bend

Boulder used to be my “mountain town of choice” — but, Bend, Oregon recently took the lead. I fell in love with Bend so hard — it has the most beautiful hiking trails, a river to float… AND surf [...]

7 Day Break With Instagram… + Counting

What’s happening in my world? Well, I’m taking a break with my phone again, specifically instagram at the moment. Last week, I experimented with deleting my instagram app for 7 whole days. I bet [...]

CHAARG’s Guide To Ojai

Ojai [pronounced — oh hi!] would be my favorite weekend escape… if I lived in California ; ). It was truly magical — all the healing + holistic vibes, PLUS lots of wine + cute boutiques. This is [...]