28 Of My Favorite Things, Part 2

Hi! If you haven’t read Part 1, check it out here. Now onto Part 2 of 28 things that I’ve implemented this year that have made a big difference in my life… #15] Taking my vitamins ((+ getting [...]

28 Of My Favorite Things, Part 1

Last week I celebrated my birthday ((I’m lucky that it always falls close to Labor Day Weekend — lots of time for fun//relaxation!)). After reflecting on the past year ++ thinking about what I [...]


The CHAARG DAYTREAT is our first ever wellness experience for post-grads + we can’t contain our excitement — especially because these INCREDIBLE women will be joining us for the day + [...]

Becoming A New Creation

If you know me, you know I’m all about self-growth ++ reflection… so naturally, when my birthday rolls around I think about what I want to work on for the following year. When I turned 23, I [...]


The word “abundance” has been showing up a lot — in my thoughts, in yoga classes, in books that I’m reading. Funny enough, I’ve been trying to simplify my life these past few months, so I was [...]

Feeling The “Dead”

I’m not sure where to start this story. I guess, to start, I will give you a bit of background — one of my classmates, John [*named changed] from K-8 ((aka, when we were babies)) died of a drug [...]