Create Your Own Mantra Meditation

Logically, we all know that meditation has immense benefits [like, meditation can improve body satisfaction!] — but, whether you’ve meditated for years or you are just getting started… it [...]

Circle Of Friends Gratitude Practice

Have you ever gone to the bathroom with a group of girls, only to hear a slew of negativity as you fix your hair, check out your booty or apply more lip-gloss? We don’t even give ourselves a [...]

12 Mantras To Inspire You This Fall

Our favorite way to feel inspired… mantras! Mantras are short, simple sentences that serve as reminders for whatever you are working on at the moment. There are tons of ways to use mantras, [...]

7 Ways To Meditate

Meditation is a habitual practice to help train your mind or redirect your thoughts — helping to alleviate stress//anxiety//depression or simply increasing your awareness + concentration. [...]

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