CHAARG’s Guide To LA

*This is more like “CHAARG’s Guide To Santa Monica” — but until I dive deeper into all of LA… we are calling it the LA guide! ; ) I’ve been to LA many times, but this is the first time I stayed [...]

CHAARG’s Guide To Kauai

Wow! I now know why Kauai is called “The Garden Isle.” The plants + trees + nature are indescribably majestic… however it is WET [there’s a reason everything is so green — lots of water ; )]. [...]

CHAARG’s Guide To Honolulu

Honolulu is a strange mix of acai bowls [+ massages] at every corner, shopping centers after shopping centers, a beach that is packed like a spring break trip — but without the excessive [...]

CHAARG’s Guide To Palm Springs

Okay, I’m going to be totally honest with you guys… I thought Palm Springs/Palm Desert was going to have an overwhelming amount of cute coffee shops, healthy vegan cafes, + tons of interesting [...]

CHAARG’s Guide to Columbia, SC

I visited my sister for her first college swim meet [go Anne!] + got to experience Columbia, SC for the first time. It was the most beautiful weather [80s in October, so jealous!] + her dorm room [...]

CHAARG’s Guide To Jackson Hole

Isaac + I’s birthdays fall a week apart, so we continued our tradition of a week long adventure — backpacking + exploring a city… this time, inviting friends! Unlike Bend or Boulder, I wouldn’t [...]


The city of brotherly [or sisterly ; )] love has something for everyone! Whether you need a classy spot to eat, a trendy fitness studio, or a little dose of history//culture, there is so much to [...]

CHAARG’s Guide to NYC

New York City has always been my favorite place. After years of spontaneous day trips, family holiday celebrations + parading friends around to my favorite spots, I thought I should share some of [...]

CHAARG’s Guide to Bend

Boulder used to be my “mountain town of choice” — but, Bend, Oregon recently took the lead. I fell in love with Bend so hard — it has the most beautiful hiking trails, a river to float… AND surf [...]

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