Thanksgiving Parade Workout

Thanksgiving is here! : ) Traditionally, many families start their morning on the couch enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which then leads into a full day of enjoying some good eats + [...]

5 Outdoor Sweat Seshes: No Equipment Necessary

While having access to a quality gym with high-end equipment has its perks, it is not always a practical option for people trying to start their fitness journeys [or during the summer while you [...]

2018 Trend to Watch: LISS

CHAARG girls are huge fans of anything that keeps us on our toes + gets our hearts pumping! That’s why so many of us love HIIT workouts [high intensity interval training]. However, as the New [...]

Power Pedal

  This will be an endurance cycling workout. You will start at a high resistance [75% max]. If you can pedal at the *highest* resistance on your bike [on mine — it’s Level 20], do 75% [...]

Sweat Sesh We Love: Boxing

One of the most amazing things about CHAARG girls is that no two of us are alike — we are a group of 6000+ women with diverse backgrounds + interests. But there is one thing we have in common — [...]

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