Give Your Lips Some Lovin’

We are always looking for the best ways to take care of our body, inside + out. This includes taking care of our largest organ — skin! We often neglect the skin on our lips, as we are [...]

What’s On Our Wish List This Season

It’s that time of year when friends + family start to ask the question… what do you want for Christmas?! To help you decide what to ask for this holiday season, we put together our ultimate list [...]

Ethical Athleisure Wear We Love

Like any Fitionista, we know you love new additions to your athleisure wardrobe! As you’re shopping [or adding to your holiday wish list!] for new pieces, it’s important to keep in mind how the [...]

The Power of *Slight* Vanity

When we say there’s power in vanity, we’re not talking about checking yourself out in every mirror or window you see or making sure your makeup + hair is picture-perfect all of the time. Instead [...]

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