Skincare Routine With Carla Jian

Carla Jian from #TheCHAARGPodcast is sharing her evening + morning skincare routines with us! Listen to Carla’s podcast episode here : )


I want a completely cleansed face + neck so in order to get rid of all the layers of make-up, sweat, + any pollutants that may be in my pores from living in the city, I do a double cleanse every evening.  I always do an oil cleanse + then follow it with a gel cleanser or exfoliate.  It will depend on what I feel my skin needs.

STEP 1: Oil cleanse with Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil.  Really picks up everything off your face, even waterproof makeup!

STEP 2:  Leah Chavie Chamomile Facial Cleanser — feels so hydrating on the skin + I like the texture.  Very light + bouncy.

STEP 3: Green Envee’s Illuminate Enzyme Cleansing Powder is great for a gentle exfoliation,


Towels are typically placed in the bathroom where the toilet flushes or my toddler has wiped his sticky hands or mouth on.  So to avoid drying my face with a contaminated towel I actually pat dry my face with my hands.  Side note: I ALWAYS close the toilet lid before I flush so any toilet plume can stay in the toilet.  You never know with a toddler if he’s been flushing with the toilet lid down so better safe than sorry to NOT use a towel

Tips when applying product:

  • Before you do anything, wash your hands before you throw water + your cleanser on your face.  You don’t want to add more of whatever you were touching mixed in with your facial cleanser.
  • Start with the light liquids then follow with heavier creams.  Oils are last.
  • Always apply to face AND neck, and while you’re at it do your décolletage!
  • Apply product directly on your skin OR only on fingertips.  You waste product if you apply it in your palms.
  • Always apply upward + outward.  Against gravity.


STEP 4:  Once my face is dry I use Thayers Witch Hazel Toner.  I’ll just use my hands + pat it on my face and neck or use a fresh cotton pad.


STEP 5:  Right now I’m LOVING Leah Chavie’s C-Stem Serum.  It has Lilac Stem Cells, Vitamin C, + Marine extracts that even skin tone, lightens scars, brightens skin, + overall has improved my face.


STEP 6:  Lock in moisture with a hyaluronic acid.  Two I’ve used + love are: Kate Somerville’s Wrinkle Warrior + Green Envee’s H.A. Collagen Boosting Serum.  They both glide on really well + really hydrate my skin.


STEP 7: After I’ve cleansed, toned, hydrated, I want to do what I can to prevent fine lines + wrinkles.  There’s NOTHING wrong with having them on your face.  It’s proof of all the times you’ve smiled + laughed… I  would just rather not have them on my face.


Dry skin will age faster so I’m all about hydrating as much as I can.  The last product I use is a face oil.  I’ve been using Pacifica’s Super Flower Rapid Response Face Oil.  It’s vegan + allows my gua sha to glide on so easy.


STEP 8:  You can use a jade roller, gua sha, or your hands.  Massaging the skin upwards + outwords, against gravity will decrease puffiness.  You don’t ever want to pull at your skin so be sure that you are using a face oil.


STEP 9:  Using your ring finger only, lightly dab your eye cream around your eyes or a collagen eye mask patches.  Right now I use my hyaluronic acid serum around my eyes.  I honestly don’t have a favorite eye product yet.  I also just end up using random samples I get from gift sets.  I prefer to use collagen eye patches I buy from Amazon.  For my lips, I later on Aquaphor or Laniege Lip Mask.

My morning skincare routine is a lot shorter.  It may seem like a lot, but it’s quick I promise.

STEP 1: Cleanse with a light gel cleanser.

STEP 2: Tone

STEP 3: Serum

STEP 4: Hyaluronic Acid

STEP 5: Sunscreen.  So important.  Don’t EVER skip it.

More skin tips… 

Okay, you might laugh at me, but I go to some extreme lengths to protect my skin from the sun + aging…

  • Wear your sunscreen.  WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN.  Even in the winter when there’s no sun out.  Just wear it!
  • Use a UPF 50+ umbrella in the summer when there’s lots of sun exposure.  I brought one with me when we went to Disneyland over the summer, and it was the best at blocking the sun and kept me a lot cooler in the high temps.
  • Don’t wrinkle + hold your face [squinting, tension in your brows, holding frowns, etc.]… my grandmother who hardly had any deep wrinkles + had a major skincare routine, used to say “don’t move your face so much when you laugh” — ha!
  • Sleep on your back to avoid smashing your face in your pillow.  This will also help keep your products on your face when you go to bed.  Silk pillows are also great if you sleep on your face.
  • If I’m driving + the sun is on my skin, I’ll place a scarf over myself.  One summer I noticed that I had sun spots on my left arm from driving in the car.  Cover up!
  • Wear a giant hat when you’re exposed to sun for long periods of time like on the beach or walking around.
  • YOGA!  Allow your skin to go against gravity with yoga poses that have you inverted, like downward facing dog or handstand.
  • Eat well.  Eat foods rich in nutrition, vitamins, + antioxidants. Limit the foods that make you breakout or inflame your skin.
  • Get your beauty sleep!  Your skincare products + treatments [+ everything else in life] will work much more efficiently when you get 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • GET FACIAL TREATMENTS.  Not a basic facial where someone washes + steams your face.  I mean real, medical grade facial treatments.  You need to have a great canvas to work with to your products can work their magic.  My top go-tos are dermaplane, Titan skin tightening, IPL, + Microneedling.  I go to Leah Chavie Skincare for ALL of these.  Mention “CARLA JIAN” for 30% off your first appointment! ; )

— Carla Jian, @carlajian

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