Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout the Semester

At the beginning of the school year, we often find ourselves feeling *super* organized + ready to take on the new semester. But somehow, despite telling ourselves we’ll keep it up, we seem to lose that spark of motivation by midterms. With the right attitude, these 7 simple steps will help you stay #inCHAARG of your semester.


++ We don’t mean only for the first week! Invest in a good planner  + dedicate a few minutes each day to get organized. Writing down your responsibilities is a bit more reliable than keeping them in your head + it helps you visualize your tasks at hand.


Long-term goals are great, especially to help you visualize the finish line [the holiday break, the diploma!], but it’s easier to reach those goals by setting smaller goals. Try setting daily, weekly, monthly + yearly goals to ensure you’re on track + getting *ish* done. Break up daily tasks such as assignments, workouts + chores so that they become more manageable. By setting those smaller goals, we’re more likely to not give up. That feeling of gratification when you check off a bunch of items on your *ta do* list — the best!


As the weeks go on, work to establish a routine. This can help with time management + being able to prioritize. It’s the worst feeling when you forget an important assignment because you’re not in the *groove* of things. Getting comfortable with your schedule can create a sense of stability in your crazy, college girl life : )


Surround yourself with people who build you up + want to see you succeed. This can be your family, friends or CHAARG girls ; ) Find strong + optimistic people  with similar goals, working on becoming the happiest + healthiest version of themselves. When your goals are aligned with those around you, you may find it easier to achieve them. A positive attitude can do amazing things for your motivation levels.


This can be a tough one for all of us people pleasers out there ; ) However, we need to learn to focus on what we need to do, rather than what others need us to do. By prioritizing + taking time for ourselves, we’re more likely to stay motivated as time goes on.


Quotes on quotes on quotes : ) Leave yourself positive notes or reminders to read when you’re struggling or, better yet, use your friends as motivation. When you’re surrounded by people who work hard, you’ll find it easier to do the same. Positivity can come in all forms, so work to make even the simplest things in life more fun! Take classes that you’re interested in, join a group that makes you feel good + spend your weekends working on things for *you.*


When in doubt, #treatyoself ; ) When you do well on an exam, complete all of your workouts for the week or are feeling good about where you’re at, reward yourself. Acknowledge your progress + remind yourself that with hard work + an extra spark of motivation, you’ll reach all of the goals you set.

Overall, staying motivated is up to you. Set some goals, get into a routine + focus on what’s most important to yourself. When the semester gets tough, remember that you’ve always got your CHAARG fam to lean on : )

++ Katie Kochanny [kk_inchaarg] // Michigan State University

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