Can Curology Cure?


Sometimes it’s difficult to find a skin care routine that works. Curology is a skin care line that is customizable just for you! You take the skin care quiz where you select all of your problem areas, what you would like to see improvement in, + enter in basic health information that would affect your skin. Then you upload pictures of the areas that you have acne in where a personal provider will assess the pictures + provide a quiz to determine what the best formula [an evening cream] would be for you. Once Curology pairs you with the provider, you can direct message them to ask them any questions that you have regarding your formula + skin care routine! 


Once you create a Curology account, you’re automatically added to the “community” where you + other people using Curology can post their results from any amount of time using their product. It can be really encouraging to see the results from other people, especially in the beginning because there is such a variety of people seeing results from it! There is not a skin care line that is “one size fits all”, which means that this might not work for everyone. But, you are able to change your formula if it is not working out for you! Based off of a survey from their website, 88% of users have noticed a difference in their skin. Since it is so customizable, it increases the chances of making a difference in your skin.  


I tried it out + I loved it! I started Curology during my first semester of college. My skin was at its worst — I wasn’t taking care of myself properly + I was really stressed out. At that point, I had tried every skin care routine possible + nothing seemed to be working. I stumbled across Curology + I was pretty suspicious of it at first, but then I decided to give it a try. 

Over the span of around six months, my skin went from having acne all over my entire face to only a small hormonal breakout each month. I was really happy with the results + it helped me gain some confidence back! I also really appreciated that the site had short articles on all things skin-care related from moisturizers, cleansers, diet, to the explanation behind the ingredients that they use in your formula. Whenever I had a question, I just messaged my provider + they always responded quickly to anything that I asked! My skin care routine also decreased drastically, now I only use a cleanser, moisturizer, + Curology cream [superbottle] in the evening, which in the end has saved me time ++ money : )! 

Curology has become one of my favorite skin care products + has helped me out a lot ++ it has done the same for others! Even though you can only order it online, it is easily accessible + since it’s so personalized, there’s a better chance at seeing results! 

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